ForrcfWe are officially one month away from Forrester’s Consumer Forum
– it’s going to be held in Chicago from October 10 – 12.  Here are some
of the things that I’m involved with during the event and others that
I’m looking forward to.

– Using Twitter, Facebook, and Forrester’s Marketing Blog to communicate around the event.

– Facilitating the "Tools For Tomorrow’s CMO" workshop with Lisa Bradner the day before the forum.

– Forrester keynotes from Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff.  They have finished the first draft of Groundswell and have great content to share.  I am currently tied (with Cliff Condon)
for the highest rated Forrester keynote this year – I hope to lose that
title because one or both of these speeches are so good.

– Facilitating Q&A for Richard Edelman after his speech titled "Corporate Image In The Age Of Social Technologies."  Any burning questions on your mind?

– Moderating a panel discussion on brand monitoring, Thu Oct 11 at 4
pm.  This is going to be a good one with only client-side marketers on
the panel.  I’m really looking forward to the discussion with David Churbuck from Lenovo, Suzanne Fanning of Fiskars, and Karl Long of Nokia.

– Moderating another panel on using WOM for market research, Fri Oct 12 at 1:45 pm.  Another good one with Dave Balter from BzzAgent and client Steve Scebelo, SVP Marketing at TV Guide.
The value of this discussion is getting past the played out story of
"BzzAgent:  good or evil?" and getting to a less obvious but highly
valuable aspect of using an agent network:  market research.

And finally, we’re working on a meet up for Thursday night…can’t post details yet but it involves Andy Sernovitz, David Armano, and Jeremiah Owyang among others.  I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth attending.