• Product management leaders have a variety of challenges to focus on as they plan for the next year
  • Product management leaders often prioritize developing the skills of their product managers
  • SiriusDecisions is conducting a short survey on product management leaders’ priorities and challenges for 2020

In the SiriusDecisions Product Management research service, we spend a good part of every day interacting with B2B product management leaders and product management teams. We have the benefit of working with large and small product teams in many industries and types of organizations, and we and see a lot of different situations.

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Sometimes, when clients talk to us about a particularly vexing challenge they’re facing, they say, “We’re not the only ones having these issues … are we?”

Although every organization has unique elements, we hear a lot of the same priorities, initiatives, issues and concerns, so the answer is usually, “No, you’re not alone.” This may provide some relief, though it often results in follow-up questions about what other challenges product management leaders are facing.

As part of our ongoing research to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of B2B product management organizations, we are conducting a short survey (below) of product management leaders to gather more data on their challenges and priorities. We conducted a similar survey in 2014, so this will allow us to see trends and changes over the past five years.