I’m sitting here next to Julie, who was just very excited about putting up her first post (and who clapped when Henry Jenkins was announced as a speaker), in the opening keynote. Lots of good stuff going on. I’ve just jotted down a few bullet points. And here are those bullet points.

  • POST: People; Objectives: Strategy; Technolgy. People have to come first before anything else.
  • So far GM has been mentioned often, both in terms of its Fastlane
    blog and how its engaging with people via social media through YouTube
    contests and more.
  • Dell’s blog started off poorly but, as they got the groove it
    improved and turned into an effective way to communicate with
    stakeholders and customers about the flaming notebook fiasco. The blog,
    and a revised social media monitoring strategy, has led to a lower
    percentage of negative commentary about the company online. Interesting
    that Dell Hell hasn’t been mentioned. WUWT?
  • Re: Edelman – "They made a couple of mistakes along the way." Really? Do tell, because that’s news to…oh I can’t go on.

This blog is going to be pretty interesting but you can get some additional perspective and commentary on Twitter from myself, David and Jeremiah. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, think of it as a back-channel for the internet.

More to come.