Employees, are you sick of having to enter in a password every time you want to access task-critical information?

Technology leaders, are you sick of employees going around your security policies and using unapproved devices and apps?

This tension between employees and technology teams is not new, but the pandemic is forcing organizations to rethink how they can balance security and productivity as they keep employees home for the long term.

It’s increasingly clear that businesses can’t sacrifice security at the expense of productivity, and vice versa. You must have both.

To do it, you’ll have to modernize your security strategy with Zero Trust (ZT). While Forrester has published a lot on the security benefits of ZT, there’s a hidden benefit: Modernizing your security strategy has benefits for employee experience (EX), too. Our new report, “Enhance EX With Zero Trust,” coauthored with David Holmes on our security and risk research team, details how you can use ZT to improve EX by eliminating passwords, modernizing the VPN, and providing more flexibility for employees to use their preferred devices and apps, so long as they do so securely.

In the above video, David and I provide a quick synopsis of the report. For more info on this, you can view our report here. And if you have more questions, reach out via inquiry.