Last month, Forrester announced its inaugural Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award. As former CISOs, my Forrester colleague Brian Wrozek and I are sharing our thoughts about why you should apply. There are tangible benefits to you, your team, your organization, and the greater security community. You should apply — and apply now — for the following reasons:

Organization recognition: Organizations usually find themselves in the news because of a cybersecurity incident. This award puts your cybersecurity efforts in the spotlight for a positive reason. By demonstrating your commitment and excellence in driving and delivering security, not only within your organization but to your partners and customers as well, you will generate beneficial public relations for your organization.

Team recognition: This award is a great way to showcase your hardworking team and get them the recognition they deserve. Recognizing teams and employees is a key component to retention and employee satisfaction. This helps combat burnout and promotes the recruitment of new talent. Employees want to work for organizations and leaders who value their efforts.

Building your brand and self-promotion: Let’s be honest. Most of us like public recognition. Even if you don’t, you still need to build a strong personal brand and reputation. This award is an ideal opportunity to showcase your leadership talent, which reflects well on your team and organization.

Inspiring others: The cybersecurity community is a tight-knit group of professionals who help each other and celebrate one another’s success. This award will inspire your peers by showcasing that cybersecurity success is possible. Learning how our peers succeeded with a project or program is tremendously valuable. Why reinvent the wheel when our peers are giving us the blueprint and confidence to persevere? You can read more about the importance and benefits of peer relationships and involvement in David’s blog Harnessing CISO Collective Power.

Now that you are convinced, don’t wait to apply. The deadline will be here before you know it, so you’d better get moving! The process is simple. Below is a link to the submission packet and Q&A.

The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award honors organizations that continually and thoughtfully build trust with customers, employees, and partners through:

  1. Trusted customer offerings and experiences that are secure, private, and resilient by design.
  2. Trusted employee practices that safeguard the organization as well as enable success.
  3. Trusted partner ecosystems that unlock innovation.

The award is open to private and public sector organizations with over 1,000 employees that can demonstrate their commitment to the trust imperative.


SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: September 12, 2023 

Consultancies and agencies are welcome to nominate their clients with their clients’ written permission and agreement to the terms of the award. Nominators should gather all permissions and information prior to submitting the entry form. Entries cannot be withdrawn or amended after the deadline.