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EDR: Only Mostly Dead?

Allie Mellen December 8, 2021
What does the growth of XDR mean for the future of EDR? Find out in our latest EDR market review.

Three Vendors Lead In Our Third Forrester Wave™ Evaluation On Unified Endpoint Management

Andrew Hewitt November 2, 2021
Today, we released The Forrester Wave™: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2021. This is the third year we’ve published our unified endpoint management (UEM) Forrester Wave (see our past reports from 2018 and 2019), and this year, we looked at the top 11 vendors in the market and evaluated them across 24 criteria. Organizations looking to […]

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Announcing The First And Only Evaluative Research On XDR — The Forrester New Wave™: Extended Detection And Response (XDR) Providers, Q4 2021

Allie Mellen October 13, 2021
Over the past three years, there’s been no shortage of hot takes on XDR. From a plethora of vendors across industries to security luminaries laying claim to the term, opinions abound. Yet, until recently, no research established a firm definition of XDR, let alone conducted evaluative research on XDR vendor capabilities. That is why I […]

Introducing The Forrester New Tech: Extended Detection And Response (XDR) — A Battle Between Precedent And Innovation

Allie Mellen August 2, 2021
Today we released the first Forrester New Tech: Extended Detection And Response (XDR) Providers, Q3 2021. This research gives a market overview of XDR and highlights the value proposition for this emerging technology, the major players in the marketplace, and the primary vendor segments for all 29 vendors that participated. The emergence of XDR has plunged security pros into yet another […]

XDR FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions On Extended Detection And Response

Allie Mellen July 22, 2021
Learn about the origin, architecture, and applications of extended detection and response (XDR) from analyst Allie Mellen.

Revenge Of The SaaS: Mandiant Uses Services To Escape FireEye

Jeff Pollard June 3, 2021
Revenge Of The SaaS: Mandiant Dumps FEYE In a cybersecurity divorce that had fewer leading indicators than the dissolution of Kim and Kanye, Mandiant has finally untangled itself from FireEye (FEYE) by selling the product portion of the firm to Symphony Technology Group (STG) for $1.2 billion. FireEye’s history as the most “almost acquired vendor” […]

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Software As A Service, Q2 2021

Christopher Sherman May 14, 2021
I am excited to announce “The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Software As A Service, Q2 2021.” Although Forrester has previously published other endpoint security Wave evaluations, this is the first Wave on endpoint security software that exclusively focuses on SaaS-delivered products and functions. As more security admin and employees shifted to work from home in […]

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The Death And Life Of The Stand-Alone Solution

Jess Burn May 10, 2021
While automated malware analysis and network intrusion detection systems remained in our Divest category, three more technologies joined them this year: data loss prevention, managed security service providers, and security user behavior analytics. Why is this? Because these stand-alone technologies simply don’t cut it anymore. This isn’t to say these solutions are dead, mind you. No, they live on in within larger, more comprehensive solutions.

Ransomware: Survive By Outrunning The Guy Next To You

Allie Mellen May 10, 2021
There are two people in a wood, and they run into a bear. The first person gets down on his knees to pray; the second person starts lacing up his boots. The first person asks the second person, “My dear friend, what are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear.” To which the second person […]

XDR Defined: Giving Meaning To Extended Detection And Response

Allie Mellen April 28, 2021
Conflicting definitions of extended detection and response (XDR) have plagued cybersecurity tech buyers. Read Forrester's unbiased explanation of what XDR is, its relationship to SIEM, and other common questions.

Stay Vigilant Of The 2021 Threat Landscape And Help Your Org Prepare For “The Next Normal”

Brian Kime March 16, 2021
Earlier this month, a US State Department spokeswoman announced that the US had identified three online publications that were attempting to discredit the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, all of which were directed by Russian intelligence. In Forrester’s annual report on top security threats, we explore the top security threats that security professionals must monitor, including […]

It’s Time To Stop Paying For Commoditized Endpoint Security Features

Christopher Sherman January 21, 2021
Today’s enterprise security buyers evaluating a new endpoint security suite often begin with a security RFP layered thick with many existing endpoint security features and capabilities, including antimalware, host firewall, anti-exploit, and application control. However, as our evaluation in the “The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q3 2019” showed, the major differentiation between today’s endpoint […]

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Managing The Risks Of The New Remote Workforce

Christopher Sherman July 14, 2020


Further Down The Rabbit Hole With MITRE’s ATT&CK Eval Data

Josh Zelonis May 4, 2020
Analyst Josh Zelonis provides a new metric for prioritizing security alerts and avoiding alert fatigue.

Initial Thoughts From Round 2 Of MITRE’s Enterprise ATT&CK Evaluation

Josh Zelonis April 24, 2020
What an amazing year it’s been for the ATT&CK evals team, going from an initial cohort of seven vendors in round 1 to 21 vendors for round 2. The industry adoption of this evaluation has been nothing short of amazing and is well deserved. With that said, I’m pleased to once again contribute my thoughts […]

The Evolution Of Enterprise Detection And Response

Josh Zelonis February 5, 2020
When the endpoint detection and response (EDR, which was also referred to as endpoint threat detection and response, or ETDR, at the time) market was getting started, there was a lot of pushback, ranging from privacy concerns to what the acceptance of a second security agent on endpoints would be (apparently, it was never going […]

A CISO’s Guide To Leading Change

Jinan Budge January 21, 2020
5 ways security chiefs can use internal politics to their advantage.

Decade Retrospective: Cybersecurity From 2010 To 2019

Jeff Pollard December 17, 2019
From the Intel-McAfee deal to the Sony Pictures breach, VP and Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard reviews the past decade’s cybersecurity highlights and lowlights.

Five Vendors Lead In Our Second Forrester Wave™ Evaluation On Unified Endpoint Management

Andrew Hewitt November 11, 2019
Today, we released our updated “The Forrester Wave™: Unified Endpoint Management, Q4 2019.” This is the second year we’ve published our unified endpoint management (UEM) Wave (you can find last year’s report here), and this year, we looked at the top 13 vendors in the market today and evaluated them across 23 criteria. Organizations looking […]

Adventures In New And Evolving Coverage: Threat Detection And Response

Josh Zelonis October 1, 2019
Every once in a while, something happens that leaves you walking away feeling like you got away with murder. Today, I get to share with you one of my latest exploits. My coverage here at Forrester for the past 3-plus years has been vulnerability management, threat intelligence, detection technologies, and incident response. While each of […]
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