• Marketing leaders at B2B organizations often have misconceptions about what a successful campaign includes
  • At this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit, attendees can learn how to build a summary view of a winning marketing campaign
  • Summit sessions provide a unique opportunity for delegates to learn about key SiriusDecisions frameworks and concepts – and apply them immediately

Anyone who’s attended SiriusDecisions Summit knows you can count on gaining a wealth of knowledge and new research presented at the keynotes and track sessions.

I recently spoke with Cristina De Martini, who will be leading a marketing strategy and operations track session together with Nick Buck called “Building a Campaign Plan on a Page.” In our Q&A, Cristina identified the reasons anyone involved with building a B2B marketing campaign should make sure to attend this session:

What can attendees expect to learn in this session?

In the “Building a Campaign Plan on a Page” session, we will transform the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework and its implementation process into a documented campaign plan and share an example of how to apply the plan.

The session will coach attendees to develop their own campaign plan – either in person during the session or afterward by taking the knowledge from the framework and template we share home with them to apply it to their organization’s campaigns. It’s actionable information that shows you how to proceed after attending the presentation.

While a campaign plan on a page will not replace various detailed campaign documents, it will serve as summary layer that can be used for communications purposes, creating alignment within the organization on buyers needs and campaign and programs goals.

What are the most important things that anyone involved in developing a B2B campaign should know?

First, SiriusDecisions takes a strong position regarding what a campaign is and what a campaign is not. A campaign should be broader than a single tactic and should be centralized around a common theme that addresses a buyer’s needs. You need to identify the buyers you wish to target, understand their pain points, and map your solutions to the buyer’s pain points.

Campaigns include a hierarchy with program families and programs underneath the broader campaign and tactic sets and tactics underneath programs. The program family mix within a campaign will build awareness, generate and nurture demand, and enable your sales team to target the buyers with common needs addressed by your campaign theme.

Which roles should make sure to attend?

Integrated campaigns, as we have defined them, require input from individuals throughout the organization. Campaign leaders or members of a global campaigns team or regional or global demand center would find this session valuable. Other attendees might include portfolio marketing, marketing operations and sales enablement personnel. The corporate communications leader who will bring forth the reputation elements of the campaign can also benefit.

Any other reasons why this is a can’t-miss session?

You will learn what a best-in-class campaign looks like, you’ll learn how to develop it, and you’ll walk away with a template to do that development. The campaign is central to all marketing functions. This is a very valuable tool that attendees can take home with them to make campaigns more effective and ensure everyone is aligned.