Firms across the globe are rushing to become adaptive, creative, and resilient by raising their IT maturity. This trend has picked up the pace in the past few years, and India is no exception. In fact, our research shows that a higher percentage of Indian firms (7% more) focus on having a dedicated emerging tech function than the global average. Likewise, Indian firms are more likely to adopt platforms of all types compared to their global peers. But it is not just about tech — it is about people too. The pandemic has taught organizations the importance and value of their employees. They are not just human resources. Firms must manage and deliver to their aspirations and expectations as well.

At this year’s Forrester Technology & Innovation APAC Forum, you will discover how you can empower your team to be the engine room of creativity, inspiration, and innovation that supercharges business outcomes. Keeping this in mind, we have crafted some content exclusively for Indian technology leaders. In this stream, we will highlight India-specific trends that matter to you. We will bring these insights to you across the following three sessions:

  1. Connecting Operations And Experience Tech Stacks For Digital Fluency. It is not enough to focus only on digital experiences; firms must invest in an experience architecture which connects the front end with the operational layer. Indian businesses must build a solid tech foundation across front, middle, and back offices to capitalize on the opportunities that a rising Indian economy presents to them.
  2. Design For Work: Boost Employee Productivity By Transforming Enterprise UX. In the post-pandemic era of empowered employees, it behooves Indian organizations to focus on delivering a great employee experience (EX). A productive employee is a satisfied employee, and great EX provides a bulwark against the ill effects of the great resignation, moonlighting, and other productivity killers.
  3. Drive Automation In Indian Corporate Banking. We have seen Indian retail banks raise their digital maturity over the years through digital investments. Now banks have an even bigger opportunity present in the transformation of their corporate banking. Automation is going to be key for that.

We will bring practical examples, stories, and insights on these topics which cut across people, platforms, and practices. We look forward to you taking advantage of early access to our digital platform through which we will make these sessions available to you.

So, mark your calendars for November 15, 2022, when these sessions become available through our digital platform. You can also access them on demand. For more details on the overall Technology & Innovation APAC 2022 event, check out the full agenda here.