My love for cars and driving started in high school when my parents gave me a used green Japanese coupe that became my key to freedom. I quickly realized that simply driving the car in its stock form wasn’t enough — I needed a more personalized driving experience.

Through countless hours obsessing over cosmetic modifications and performance enhancements and researching new roads and destinations, I developed an appreciation for choosing the right vehicle and modifications for the journey ahead.

When I was a teenager, I prioritized modifying cars for fun. I installed custom lights to make my car look cooler and racing tires for better control at high speed. But today, I have two small children. My needs now include rotating toddler seats, baby-on-board decals, and a top-notch kid tunes collection.

I’ve realized that needs change over time — and so should the car that helps you navigate these needs.

Like personalized modifications to the right car for the right journey, activating your Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study with atomized content or “derivative assets” enables you to create customized client experiences and outcomes that align to the customer and prospect journey.

TEI studies are the ideal vehicles to help organizations reach their destinations, and derivative assets can personalize the experience to generate the most value out of these studies. Additional derivatives you can use to customize and activate your sweet, new TEI ride include the following:

Spotlights To Highlight A Specific Use Case, Industry/Vertical, Or Geographical Audience

The data that informs your TEI study is gathered from customer interviews, then aggregated into a hypothetical company called the composite organization. The composite organization ensures the protection of your customers’ anonymity and simplifies results. Since the financial model is representative of the shared customer experiences, the composite organization may not include all details related to a specific use case, industry/vertical, or geographical audience. For example, if the composite is a healthcare organization, it wouldn’t necessarily highlight a retail organization’s niche use case.

Spotlights emphasize these deeper stories in a shorter document that can be shared with a specific audience (e.g., the retail organization mentioned before). When your spotlight reader can connect with how your technology benefits them, they will extract the most value from your TEI business case. Although spotlights do not include a specialized ROI, they are a powerful activation strategy to focus on specific use cases, examine regional or industry nuances, or reach a different audience.

A Lead-Gen Tool For Prospects To Calculate Their Own Potential ROIs

In your TEI case study, the financial analysis is tailored to the composite organization and usually delivered via a static PDF. Prospects are eager to bring the PDF to life and use the financial frameworks to estimate their own results.

The TEI lead-gen tool is often referred to as an ROI calculator. It’s a self-service, web-based interface designed for top-of-funnel interest and to accelerate a buyer’s journey. Without speaking with a sales rep, prospects can estimate their potential ROI using a few key pieces of their own organization’s data. These leads are captured and can be used to facilitate follow-up conversations with sales.

A Sales Enablement Tool For Sales Reps To Demonstrate Personalized Value With Prospects (And Existing Customers)

The sales enablement tool is another TEI web-based calculator that empowers sales reps to give prospects personalized, potential ROI estimates. This calculator has more inputs than its self-service cousin (the lead-gen tool) and works best during a conversation between the sales rep and the prospective or existing customer. This interaction deepens conversations at multiple points during the customer lifecycle: vendor evaluation, business case development, when a deal stalls, and renewal conversations.

An E-Book To Illustrate TEI Content

An e-book is a great way to illustrate and add a bit of color to your TEI content. The digital content focuses on visually representing your TEI results and highlighting your customer quotes in a beautiful and easy-to-browse website-embedded format.

Both buying a car and commissioning a TEI are investments. How you choose to configure, maintain, and personalize your investment determines how much value you get out of it … whether that value is measured in mileage, leads, or smiles. Forrester is here to help customize your TEI vehicle, get the most performance out of it, and take your passengers on the right path toward their destination.

And the journey is more fun with a passenger. Meet Boba the Shiba Inu, one of my most satisfied companions on my many journeys.

Image of Boba the Shiba Inu in a field.