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A sound marketing strategy is essential for ensuring marketing delivers on business objectives. Read our insights for developing a long-term marketing strategy that sets a clear course of action and drives results.



Five Forrester Wave™ Evaluations Set The Stage For A Marketing Services Reset

Keith Johnston 2 days ago
Leonardo da Vinci said, “To develop a complete mind, study the science of art. Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” This couldn’t be more profound in an era of marketing, advertising, and digital experience, where the distinction between a brand’s promise, how it’s communicated, and […]

Make Data Strategy Your New Year’s Resolution

Stephanie Liu January 11, 2022
Start 2022 with renewed marketing opportunity by assessing your data strategy and finding opportunities to round out your understanding of customers and prospects. Last year, we saw third-party cookie deprecation heat up, Apple enact its App Tracking Transparency framework, and growing consumer privacy awareness — for example, 84% of US online adults use at least […]

Targeting Truth In The Misinformation Age

Kelsey Chickering December 22, 2021
B2C brands are fueling the misinformation industry, albeit unintentionally. Here's how marketers can take action to stop contributing to the problem.

On The Eve Of Another COVID-19 Year, Planning Matters More Than Ever 

Jennifer Ross December 16, 2021
Amid lingering uncertainty, it may be tempting to question the value of long-range planning. The post-COVID landscape will look very different from the landscape pre-COVID — and B2B leaders who are unprepared will lose out.   

Predictions 2022: CMOs Emerge As Emboldened Business Leaders

Mike Proulx October 26, 2021


How B2B Marketing Executives Can Plan For Unpredictable Weather

Nick Buck October 6, 2021
Though the forecast for 2022 remains unsettled, B2B marketing leaders can take decisive steps to set themselves and their teams up for success.

Facebook’s Outage: Breaking The Ad Empire — For A Day?

Mike Proulx October 4, 2021
The Facebook ecosystem outage should remind advertisers to have proactive risk mitigation plans in place.

Predictions 2022 Live

Set off on a confident path to business success in 2022. Discover the top trends for CIOs, CMOs, CX Leaders, and CEOs in 2022.


In 2022, Channel Marketers Must Prioritize Customer And Partner Value

Kathy Contreras October 4, 2021
A focus on enhancing partner experience and generating customer value are key to channel marketing success in the year ahead.

The Keys To Better Post-Sale Customer Relationships In 2022

Amy Bills October 1, 2021
Existing customers account for more than three-quarters of annual revenue for B2B organizations, Forrester data shows. Find insights to deepen customer relationships in our "B2B Customer Engagement: Planning Assumptions 2022" report.

Consumers Aren’t Ready For The Metaverse Yet

Mike Proulx September 21, 2021
In its current state, the metaverse is prime (virtual) real-estate for brands looking to make press headlines, test and learn, and reach a subset of the Gen Z audience. Brands that expect a revenue-based ROI from their metaverse custom media buys will be sorely disappointed.

Siemens Energy: Seizing Opportunity With A Clear, Aligned Marketing Strategy

Susan Macke September 9, 2021
As a new spin-off company, Siemens Energy needed to align priorities across product, marketing, and sales to achieve its ambitious goals. Learn how working with Forrester helped them lay a foundation for success.

Choose Your Loyalty Service Provider Based On Three Capabilities

Mary Pilecki August 25, 2021
Globally, we’re seeing a proliferation of brands that are investing in loyalty — whether for the first time or to revamp their existing strategy and programs. In fact, 83% of the brands we surveyed for our new Forrester Wave™ evaluation on loyalty service providers are increasing their investment in loyalty by 5% or more this […]

B2B Summit North America 2022

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Demand Planning: Five Steps To Determine The Right Marketing-Approach Mix

Conrad Mills August 24, 2021
The marketing annual planning process often starts with a lack of alignment with sales. Learn how to gain that alignment from the outset.

The CMO’s Da Vinci Code: Unlocking The True Power Of Marketing

Dipanjan Chatterjee August 17, 2021
IBM's research found that when CEOs were asked to identify the most crucial members of the C-Suite, CMOs came in well behind their CFO and COO peers. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Marketing Strategy And Planning: It’s All About The “And”

Learn what you can do to create two-way flow between your 3-5-year strategy and your annual plan. 

Cross-Channel Campaign Management: A Mature Market Reinvents Itself

Rusty Warner August 12, 2021
The CCCM market is growing as independent players deliver innovation that outshines many of their more established competitors.

B2B CMOs Chart New Paths To Growth Post-COVID

Jennifer Ross August 5, 2021
Forrester’s 2021 Global Marketing Survey reveals how B2B marketing leaders are adapting their strategies to accelerate recovery while keeping customers front and center. Here are three key takeaways.

Predictions 2022 Live

Chart a bold path to success in 2022. Hear our predictions for the year ahead.


Why The CFO Is Key To Proving Marketing’s Business Value

Mike Proulx August 5, 2021


Top 143 Social Media Groups For MSPs, VARs, And Tech Channel Professionals

Jay McBain July 8, 2021
The channel is very large, highly diverse, and incredibly decentralized. Channel partners know that to be successful, they need to carve out a niche — whether that be by line of business, by industry (and, increasingly, by subindustry), by size of customer, geographically, technologically, and by business model. These six vectors are not mutually exclusive, […]

Solving The Content Data Dilemma: How To Build B2B Content Measurement Dashboards

Christine Polewarczyk June 23, 2021
Dealing with B2B content data dilemmas? Learn how to build content measurement dashboards to gain better insights.
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