• Summit can be overwhelming for first-timers, but our handy guide provides helpful info on what sessions to attend
  • The SiriusDecisions Summit Marketplace provides a convenient place to see what’s new from leading B2B tech providers
  • Track sessions provide the latest in new B2B ideas and research – most of which will be unveiled for the first time at Summit

So, you’ve never been to a SiriusDecisions Summit and you’re not sure exactly what to expect. Not to worry, I’m a fellow newbie – and while my ticket to Nashville is already booked, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned about getting ready for Summit. Without further ado, let’s get to it – five ways to get the most out of Summit.

Summit Newbies

1. Plan ahead.

With more than 50 analyst sessions and 100 practitioner case studies, these are going to be four thought-leadership-packed days of your life that will provide you with a wealth of new strategies and ideas for driving your company’s success. You should also probably consider bringing non-blister-forming shoes (there’s a four-hour block party on Thursday night!) and mapping out your plan of attack ahead of time – but first and foremost, remember these key words: “Outperform: Strategies for Intelligent Growth.” Oh, and here are two more key words for you: Magic Johnson. He’s the guest keynote! Where else are you going to hobnob with your B2B peers and possibly meet Magic Johnson? Exactly.

2. Rub those elbows.

Everybody knows that networking is the name of the game. When is the last time you had face time with nearly 2,000 of the best and brightest leaders and practitioners from B2B marketing, sales and product organizations? Summit 2015 is where you are going to meet someone who is going to provide insight or share perspectives and experiences – whether it’s at a grab-and-go lunch, a Main Tent presentation, a Track session, the Titanium Block Party (they’re shutting down five lanes of traffic for this!) – Summit is all about a meeting of the minds. We’re talking major B2B brain trust that only SiriusDecisions can deliver.

3. Get on the right track.

Not only is networking the name of the game, but Summit is also where it’s at for the cutting edge in marketing, sales and product research. We’re in daily awe of our team of analysts, and now is your turn to be impressed.  Get the ultimate, focused Summit experience and sit in on one of our dozens of in-depth Track sessions where you’ll get the latest in new B2B ideas and research – most of which will be unveiled for the first time at Summit.

4. Sirius 101

Quick! What’s the difference between an SGL, an SAL and an SQL? No worries, my fellow first-timers, with over 2,000 pieces of published B2B sales, marketing and product research, we understand that it’s important not to get overwhelmed by all SiriusDecisions has to offer. Our Sirius 101 Sessions, which kick off first thing on Tuesday morning, May 12, are four sessions to quickly get you up-to-speed and throwing down terminology and frameworks like a pro – we hope to see you in the front row for one of these sessions!

Also, ICYMI: Titanium Block Party.

5. Visit the Summit Marketplace

The SiriusDecisions Summit Marketplace provides a convenient, all-in-one place for you to connect with your current partners and see what’s new from leading B2B technology and services providers. Sit in on one of our Sponsor Case Studies and listen firsthand to peer practitioners about how they have leveraged vendor solutions. New this year is our Product Showcase Theater, which features live demonstrations from our Titanium Sponsors, as well as from SiriusDecisions.

Be sure to join the conversation at #SDSummit!