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You Got RevOps on My Buying Groups! Two Great Tastes Collide at Summit 2020

Kate Pierpont May 6, 2020
  • Kerry Cunningham presented “You’ve Got RevOps on My Buying Groups! Two Great Tastes That Go Together” at Summit 2020
  • Although revenue operations was originally designed to fix misalignment in marketing operations, sales operations, and customer success functions, it also helps B2B organizations better understand buying groups
  • 80% of B2B buyers are members of coordinated buying teams who are evaluating solutions behind the scenes and sharing with each other what they are finding

The Courage to Care: Dr. Brené Brown Opens a History-Making Summit 2020

Kate Pierpont May 4, 2020
  • Dr. Brené Brown, famed researcher and storyteller, was the keynote speaker for the reimagined Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit 2020
  • Dr. Brown spoke to Summit attendees about how stepping up to lead in this time of crisis requires that we all call upon deep courage from within
  • According to Dr. Brown, “Caring for and connecting to the people we lead is an irreducible prerequisite to effective leadership”

Dare to Disrupt Yourself: The Revenue Operations Function Takes Off at Summit 2019!

Kate Pierpont May 7, 2019
  • In their Summit 2019 keynote presentation, “Revenue Operations: Now Is the Time,” Dana Therrien and Kerry Cunningham share insights into the revenue operations trend to a packed house of attendees
  • For organizations to align the revenue engine, increased collaboration between marketing operations, sales operations and customer success is crucial
  • A revenue operations charter considers the digitization of the customer journey, the increasing complexity of buyer behavior, and pressures on companies to become more customer-centric

Change Is Coming: The Revenue Operations Charter Is Born

Kate Pierpont April 17, 2019
  • In their Summit 2019 keynote presentation, “Revenue Operations: Now Is the Time,” Dana Therrien and Kerry Cunningham will share insights on the revenue operations trend
  • Revenue operations integrates the operational work of sales, marketing and customer success
  • The revenue operations trend extends SiriusDecisions’ efforts to help B2B organizations improve alignment and drive better performance across the revenue engine

With Confidence Comes Authenticity: The SiriusDecisions Women’s Network Talks Leadership, Collaboration and Inspiration at TechX

Kate Pierpont December 6, 2018
  • The SiriusDecisions Women’s Network invited Lisa Cole of Huron, Amanda Kahlow of 6sense and Amanda Greene of Airbnb to join Megan Heuer and Marisa Kopec for a panel discussion at TechX
  • “Debunking the Myths About Women’s Leadership” focused on data findings from the 2018 Leadership Study and the differences between how men and women view themselves as leaders
  • The study showed that despite preconceptions, female leaders are very confident in their own abilities – and the panel echoed this sentiment

Winning the Three-Legged Race: How to Align Account-Based Marketing and Sales Technology Using the Demand Unit Waterfall™

Kate Pierpont November 9, 2018
  • A B2B organization’s sales and marketing teams must collaborate to ensure an aligned demand management process
  • Matt Senatore and Barbara Rubis presented “Aligning Account-Based Marketing and Sales Technology Using the Demand Unit Waterfall™” at this year’s TechX in New Orleans
  • Sales and marketing should select technology according to their business requirements for operationalizing the Demand Unit Waterfall

The Cure for Categoritis: The SiriusDecisions Tech Stack on a Page Debuts at TechX!

Kate Pierpont November 8, 2018
  • The first step after admitting your tech stack is suffering from “categoritis” is getting some help – Gil Canare and Jonathan Tam advised 470-plus TechX attendees on the path toward a better tech stack
  • Rather than feeling pressured to buy more tech to throw at the symptoms, B2B orgs must take a measured approach and create a business plan and diagnose the core problem
  • Curing categoritis begins with a new deliverable that debuted at this year’s event – the SiriusDecisions Tech Stack on a Page

The Watershed Moment: How Alteryx, Inc. Transformed Enablement Through Tech

Kate Pierpont October 24, 2018
  • Faced with the challenge of supporting a swiftly growing organization, Amy Pence of Alteryx turned to tech to transform enablement
  • Although tech was ultimately the linchpin in the enablement transformation, Alteryx took a decidedly non-tech approach to revamping its in-classroom training
  • The boot camp training at Alteryx was overhauled so it was now participant-led and incorporated hands-on learning to keep people engaged; tech helped get new associates onboarded faster than ever

SiriusDecisions TechX 2018 Takes on The Big Easy!

Kate Pierpont October 5, 2018
  • This year’s TechX focuses on connecting business requirements to technology solutions and how B2B marketers can consider tech from a strategic point of view
  • Building on the event theme of “From Categories to Priorities: B2B Technology Done Right,” TechX seeks to get sales and marketing on the same page when it comes to tech
  • It’s rare that “technology” and “easy” meet up in the same sentence, but with all that SiriusDecisions has planned for this year’s TechX, we hope you’ll join us in the Big Easy this November 7-9!

Summit 2018 Highlights: All We Can Say Is…Wow!

Kate Pierpont May 16, 2018
  • Playing on the theme of “Building the Playbook for Intelligent Growth,” Summit 2018 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was an event that attending sales, product and marketing leaders won’t soon forget
  • With 121 sponsors, over 3,200 attendees and more than 100 practitioner case studies, Summit 2018 was the biggest and best ever
  • Keynote speakers Molly Bloom and Platon, supported by SiriusDecisions’ own incredible cast of analysts, delivered an all-star Summit 2018 that spoke to the importance of empathetic leadership and always putting the customer first

Brand Building Through Storytelling: Summit 2018 Keynote Speaker Molly Bloom’s Story of Reinvention

Kate Pierpont May 9, 2018
  • Former athlete, “poker princess,” and celebrated author of Molly’s Game, Molly Bloom was the opening keynote speaker at Summit 2018
  • Molly Bloom shared her incredible story to a rapt crowd of over 3,000 B2B sales, product and marketing leaders at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas
  • According to Molly Bloom, “You can never place enough value on people wanting to be heard, seen and remembered”

Event Strategy: Q&A with Stuart Gold of Domo

Kate Pierpont September 27, 2017
  • Domo is a SaaS-based business management platform that puts real-time data directly in the hands of everyone in the organization from CEOs and business leaders down to front-line employees
  • We recently spoke with Stuart Gold about how his company maximizes the effectiveness of events for pipeline acceleration
  • When summing up his team’s post-event strategy, Stuart Gold says, “We measure what matters because what matters measures.”

Event Strategy: Q&A With Ray Kemper of Televerde

Kate Pierpont August 25, 2017
  • Televerde is a global sales and marketing solutions provider dedicated to acquiring new business and accelerating revenue for its clients
  • Ray Kemper is the CMO of Televerde and in charge of the company’s strategic marketing, planning and execution
  • At this year’s Summit in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to chat with Ray Kemper about how his company approaches event strategy

How Do You Measure Event Performance?

Kate Pierpont July 26, 2017
  • Event strategy, planning and execution should support the goals of demand creation and other program families as part of an integrated campaign framework
  • SiriusDecisions benchmark data shows that organizations of all sizes continue to allocate a substantial amount of their demand creation budgets to events
  • SiriusDecisions recommends applying a core group of metrics to understand return on event spend

A Summit Like No Other: Summit 2017 an Astounding Success by All Measures!

Kate Pierpont May 31, 2017
  • With a theme of “Aligning Priorities to Drive Intelligent Growth,” the 2017 Summit boasted over 3,000 attendees!
  • Amazing networking events, 100 case studies, Jewel, Daymond John and so much more made this an unforgettable event for delegates and sponsors alike
  • #SDSummit trended nationwide and the new Demand Unit Waterfall was top regional trend on Twitter

Authenticity, Mindfulness and How to Live a Life Uncommon: Jewel Sets an Inspirational Tone for Summit 2017

Kate Pierpont May 17, 2017
  • Singer, songwriter, actress, poet, painter, philanthropist Jewel was the Opening Day Keynote speaker at Summit 2017
  • From the moment she stepped on stage at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Jewel spoke (and sang!) from the heart to a spellbound crowd of Summit attendees
  • Authenticity, mindfulness and how to live a life uncommon – Jewel sets an inspirational tone for Summit 2017

Viva Las Summit! Five Things to Expect at Summit 2017

Kate Pierpont May 8, 2017
  • Five things to expect at Summit 2017 in Las Vegas
  • Networking, 100 case studies, Jewel, Daymond John and so much more are on tap for Summit 2017
  • The 2017 Green Tie Gala will feature the Counting Crows

Where Does Event Strategy Fit In?

Kate Pierpont March 29, 2017
  • When planning for the upcoming year, companies struggle to determine where to position events in their overall marketing mix
  • Faced with a substantial budget commitment and difficult-to-measure lead return, organizations become conflicted on how much to allocate toward events
  •  SiriusDecisions recommends five components for creating an organizational event strategy

The Three Facets of Event Sponsorship: Customer Engagement, New Business and Brand Awareness

Kate Pierpont January 25, 2017
  • Events are often the largest expense for a marketing function, and come with a fairly high amount of scrutiny on metrics
  • Events can be hugely influential in converting an existing prospect or moving someone along the pipeline
  • There are three facets of event sponsorship to consider: customer engagement, new business and brand awareness

Summit Europe 2016 Highlights: Following the Golden Rule of B2B Lead Development

Kate Pierpont September 27, 2016
  • Teleservices teams are being managed and measured inconsistently, which impacts their ability to track and improve their performance
  • Teleservices reps are being asked to juggle a range of activities with no structured guidance or support; this results in inconsistent performance
  • Organizations are not managing the most important determinant of teleprospecting success: the quality of their conversations with prospects
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