This is an interview that Allen Bonde and I did to launch our coverage of the future of services.

Markets and firms are changing dramatically under the relentless forces unleashed by technology. Customers’ expectations rise continuously. Firms die or thrive based on their ability to reinvent their businesses to reach and serve customers. And they need help doing it. That puts pressure on service providers of all types — technology, business, and agency — to respond with new offerings, more aligned engagement models, and better business models.

Our goal with this research is to help clients define their service provider needs and help service providers and their alliance partners fulfill those needs. We’ll do the research in two stages:

  • Stage one, Q4 2019: A listening tour to find out the drivers of change. We will publish a position paper with the drivers.
  • Stage two, Q1 2020: Research into enterprise demand, service provider offerings and strategy, and alliance partners. We will publish a summary report and many fragments and stories to explore the findings.

Please reach out if you want to be part of this important research process.