B2B marketers get it. They know they need to operate across their sales and marketing silos to get beyond portfolio-centric campaigns to connect with buyers via specific, contextually relevant content that engages customers across the entire life cycle. The question is no longer why. The question is how. That’s why I am excited about the sessions I’m working on for Forrester’s upcoming B2B Marketing & Sales 2018 Forum, which include the following.
Workshop: Making The Pivot To Customer-Aligned Marketing And Sales
B2B marketers are challenged by the complexity and diversity of B2B buyers and hamstrung by organizational silos. We will be addressing this head-on in the workshop that I’ll be conducting on October 24 in Austin, Texas — the day before the Forum. The workshop aims to provide participants with insights and tools to engineer a go-to-customer strategy (rather than a go-to-market strategy) that will calibrate marketing and sales engagement to the customer. If you’d like to register, here’s the link. If you’d like more info, send a message to lwizdo@forrester.com.
Group Chats: Optimizing Your L2RM Process
I am also moderating two group chats on the topic of optimizing the lead-to-revenue process. In the group chat format, I’ll kick off the discussion with my initial thoughts, and then teams of delegates will share their experiences (successes, failures, challenges) in a structured discussion format. Essentially, it’s like speed dating with ideas. At this point, the topics we’ll be discussing include:

  • Increasing targeted top-of-funnel traffic.
  • Managing personalized contextual marketing at scale.
  • Working with sales on account-based engagement programs.

Tech Talk: What’s New In B2B Marketing Automation Platforms
In this session, I’ll be revealing the results of our upcoming Forrester Wave™ evaluation of 2018 B2B marketing automation platforms.
One-One Meetings: Whatever You Want To Talk About
My favorite part of Forrester Forums is the opportunity to meet with B2B marketing leaders in the face-to-face sessions that are scheduled throughout the Forum.
Please join us in Austin this year and in the meantime, stay up to date on B2B Marketing & Sales 2018.