I’ve been waiting for today to use a Halloween-themed title to promote a topic Chris Condo and I have been discussing for a long time: the most common missteps we see clients make in their digital services projects. Next month on November 29, we’ll be hosting a webinar to discuss the top six mistakes we see clients make and how to prevent your projects from meeting an untimely demise based on our respective research.

As we combine our horror stories and solutions, there’s one mistake that I feel underlies them all: a misunderstanding of Agile. Few organizations would deny that they must be more Agile, but how that is interpreted can cause even the best-intentioned digital projects to end up in the grave. For example, some organizations mandate Agile through processes that look eerily similar to a waterfall approach. This mistake may be haunting your digital projects if you’re approaching your services partners with a well-defined solution to be built and an even longer list of penalties of what happens if certain requirements aren’t met. At the team level, it can mean running in sprints and hitting team-level goals . . . but in isolation from the other functions they need to work with to make change at the business level. And that’s just the beginning. Spooky, huh?

Join us on Thursday, November 29 at 1 p.m. EST to prevent your digital engagements from becoming the ghosts of transformations past. Forrester clients can register here.