Do you currently have someone in your organization who fits this job description? If not, then it’s time you do.

In the past year, we’ve seen a spike in inquiries on the topic of product managers, primarily from brands that are considering embedding this role into their organization for the first time.

Why now? The product manager role has existed in the software industry for decades. But with the surge of digital, every company must deliver competitive, customer obsessed, digital experiences for their customers. By hiring a product manager, digital business leaders are tasking someone to continually obsess about meeting the needs of their customers, converting customer and market insight into market-leading products.

All sounds great, right? It is, if done correctly. Unfortunately, many digital business leaders are hiring without taking the time to understand the role. We often get asked to help develop job descriptions for product managers. But there are equally important questions that we don’t get asked:

  • How do product managers fit into our greater digital organization?
  • What determines success for a product manager?
  • How do we onboard product managers correctly?

In our new report, Eight Healthy Habits Of Successful Product Managers, we answer these questions, following a two phase process for onboarding and empowering successful product managers.  Digital business leaders should read this report to learn about how setting the product manager up for success will set their firm up for success.

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