With many freedom of speech issues, you have to suck it up, hold your nose, and defend people’s rights to say unpleasant things. But this is painful. Especially since Fox is possibly just holding out for an administration change and statutes of limitations. The Journal perhaps, overplays its ironic coverage:

    Fox’s decision Monday to fight the FCC’s latest fine didn’t involve dirty words, but when and how its appropriate to show scantily clad women engaged in sexual activities…The episode in question featured scenes of contestants licking whipped cream off strippers whose body parts had been digitally obscured…In the past, broadcasters believed that digitally altering a performer’s naughty bits or bleeping out dirty words would protect them from FCC fines. The FCC’s “Married by America” decision blew that perception apart, however, because the agency found that the show was indecent despite efforts to obscure body parts.

Ugh, um, Go, Fox! (cough, cough, gag, gag)