Forrester Launches New Survey On AI Adoption

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is top of mind for executives. AI adoption started in earnest in 2016, and Forrester anticipates AI investments to continue to increase. Leaders are quickly waking up to AI’s disruptive characteristics and the need to embrace this emerging technology to remain competitive. To inform our research, we’d like to learn more about the process of planning, executing, and evolving an AI strategy. Specifically, Forrester is looking to understand:

  • What steps firms are taking to begin their AI journey.
  • What impact and benefits firms expect from AI investments.
  • How firms plan to enhance and mature their AI capabilities.
  • Who is leading the AI charge within firms.
  • Who firms partner with to research, test, and develop AI capabilities.
  • What strategies firms are using to attract, develop, and retain highly sought-after AI talent.
  • How teams train and monitor their AI systems.
  • How firms adapt their operating model and organizational structures to account for the impact of AI.

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