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Gemini For Google Workspace Plays The Long Game

J.P. Gownder 19 hours ago
On February 21, Google announced its new generative AI solution for productivity, Gemini for Google Workspace. Previously launched for enterprises as Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise, Gemini for Google Workspace Enterprise keeps the same pricing, at $30/user/month for unlimited usage. Google added a cheaper SKU, too — Gemini for Google Workspace Business, at $20/user/month for […]

CMOs: Advancing From GenAI Pilots To Proficiency Doesn’t Come Easy

Jay Pattisall 1 day ago
As the initial awe surrounding generative AI (genAI) fades, marketers must navigate a more pragmatic phase of genAI adoption. The first step is to understand adoption roadblocks and how to avoid them.

Avoid Zombie AI Projects With Our Best Practices

Download our AI myths and best practices guide. Learn how to avoid missteps, prioritize value, and move AI projects out of limbo with quick wins.


Your Predictions Questions Answered: Leveraging GenAI Successfully

Laura Ramos 2 days ago
During Forrester’s Predictions 2024 webinar, we received a lot of great questions about how generative AI might affect customer-facing functions such as marketing, customer experience, and sales. Check out our answers.

GenAI For Tech Leaders: Q&A

Rowan Curran 3 days ago
Recently, I had the honor of presenting Forrester’s predictions for 2024 to over a thousand tech and business leaders. There were, unsurprisingly, a ton of questions about generative AI. I’d like to answer some of the more technical questions that we received.

Secure Your Use Of Generative AI

Watch and learn how to use a security framework to secure genAI adoption and explore the security controls and skills crucial for safeguarding this emerging technology.

Unlock IT Operational Excellence In Seven Steps

Carlos Casanova February 12, 2024
AIOps and observability have become crucial for businesses seeking to optimize their IT operations. These technologies offer the promise of enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making, and better customer experiences. Learn how to successfully implement AIOps and observability by following a seven-step approach.

AIOps And Observability Deliver Operational Insights

Carlos Casanova February 12, 2024
Implementing AIOps and observability solutions can be a challenging task for organizations. To ensure success, it is crucial to develop the right approach and strategy that aligns with your enterprise’s specific IT complexity and goals. Learn how you can begin exploring the best practices for AIOps and observability and the aspects that you need to consider when embarking on the delivery of these.

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A Patchwork Of US AI Regulations Is Here — It’s Time To Deal With It

Michele Goetz February 9, 2024
In our new report, Navigate The Patchwork Of US AI Regulations, we answer the top questions to navigating US AI regulatory chaos. Here’s what every organization should know as they continue to develop and deploy AI in safe and legal ways.

Marketers: Choose GenAI Progress Over Perfection

Lisa Gately February 6, 2024
If getting up to speed on generative AI feels daunting, the good news is that many other B2B marketers are also still figuring it out. What's critical is to take action — and this is how to get started.

New Tools And Strategies For Managing Technical Debt

Join us on March 5 for a live webinar to explore new tools and strategies for keeping technical debt under control, including a demonstration of Forrester’s Technical Debt Modernization And Migration Scenario Tool.

LLMs, Make Room For World Models

Brian Hopkins February 1, 2024
The industry is pushing LLMs hard to be the path forward to artificial general intelligence, but limits are on the horizon. World models may be an important alternative.

Tech Trends To Watch In 2024

What It Means February 1, 2024
How will generative AI impact infrastructure plans? What regulatory issues will tech leaders have to grapple with? Hear Forrester’s technology analysts discuss their predictions for the latest tech trends in 2024.

Empower Your Marketing Org To Drive A Bigger Impact With GenAI

Download our generative AI (genAI) guide for CMOs to create a clear vision and strategy for B2B marketing genAI adoption with guardrails to mitigate risk — and a framework to assess your readiness.


SAP Shares Reach Record High, As Company Restructures 8,000 Jobs And Lures Customers With Cloud ERP Migration Discounts

Akshara Naik Lopez January 31, 2024
Existing SAP ECC customer or recent on-prem SAP S/4HANA customer? Take advantage of the new RISE migration discounts in 2024.

The Low-Code Market Could Approach $50 Billion By 2028

John Bratincevic January 29, 2024
According to a recent survey, 87% of enterprise developers use low-code development platforms for at least some of their work. Find out what’s driving the growth in the low-code market in this preview of a new report and forecast.

How Chip Shortages Could Impact Your AI Plans

What It Means January 25, 2024
Nothing can slow the AI revolution — except perhaps a shortage of the chips AI relies on. In this episode, VP and Research Director Glenn O'Donnell discusses how ongoing chip shortages could impact your AI plans.

rabbit’s r1 Personal AI Device (PAD): Exciting Technology With An Underwhelming Experience

Julie Ask January 19, 2024
rabbit’s r1 personal AI device is an exciting technology that faces obstacles to commercial success — and gives us glimpses of the future.

Tap Into The Potential Of Synthetic Data For AIOps

Carlos Casanova January 19, 2024
Learn how leveraging synthetic data can help with the critical time to realize AIOps value, such as autoremediation capabilities and enhanced decision-making.

Avoid Zombie AI Projects With Our Best Practices

Download our AI myths and best practices guide. Learn how to avoid missteps, prioritize value, and move AI projects out of limbo with quick wins.


Announcing The Continuous Automation And Testing Services Landscape, Q4 2023

Diego Lo Giudice January 16, 2024
Get a detailed look at the services provided by 42 continuous automation testing services providers in this new landscape report.

Architects: Jump In To Generative AI

Brian Hopkins January 16, 2024
The future of genAI is much bigger than question-and-answer-style chat. Learn why architects must get involved to help their organization understand its potential and the building blocks needed for a dizzying array of genAI-powered applications.

The Future Of Search In A GenAI World

What It Means January 11, 2024
Generative AI is poised to upend every aspect of search marketing. In this episode of What It Means, Senior Analyst Nikhil Lai explains the rapid changes that search marketers need to prepare for now.
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