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Generative AI Revolutionizes Marketing Creativity

Jay Pattisall 1 day ago
The controversy over AI is settling in the world of marketing and creativity. Two arguments have emerged that defend or denounce artificial intelligence: 1) Humanists decry the existential dangers, as underscored by an open letter signed by hundreds of tech experts calling for a pause on generative AI and 2) technologists espouse the limitless potential […]

Defending AI Models: From Soon To Yesterday

Jeff Pollard May 24, 2023
Enterprise adoption of fine-tuned large language models is already underway, forcing cybersecurity teams to learn quickly how to protect them.

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Google I/O 2023: As Far As The AI Can See

Rowan Curran May 18, 2023
AI was center stage at Google I/O 2023 and much of it was generative AI (GenAI). Get a detailed analysis of the event including why enterprises need to focus on the launch of PaLM 2 and Vertex AI.

The Age Of Agents? How GenAI And Digital Agents Could Rewrite The Rules Of Digital Strategy

Manuel Geitz May 17, 2023
Today’s winning digital strategies could be rendered meaningless by digital agents such as AgentGPT. Read this blog to learn why.

The White House Puts Its Money Where Its AI Is — Enterprises Need To Act Now

Michele Goetz May 9, 2023
The White House announced investments and actions to put the Bill of Rights and National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF 1.0) to the test. Tackling AI risk head on, the Biden administration engaged with Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI, with additional focus on the impact of generative AI. […]

Can Synthetic Data Help Deliver On The Promise Of AIOps?

Carlos Casanova May 9, 2023
Tools leveraging ML models in dynamic environments must be continuously fed new data in order to adapt to changing conditions and goals. They need to learn as much as possible about their new environments before being fully able and safe to provide service and ultimately deliver value. Synthetic data can help address these and other AI/ML challenges.

Recommended Recommenders

Brandon Purcell May 3, 2023
Our new report, Rev Your Recommendation Engines With New Techniques, breaks down four recommendation methods. Get a preview here.

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Insights From The 2023 RSA Conference: Generative AI, Quantum, And Innovation Sandbox

Allie Mellen May 2, 2023
RSAC 2023 is a wrap! The Forrester security and risk team had 11 attendees at the RSA Conference last week. We really enjoyed meeting with clients and colleagues old and new — and now we’re exhausted. It’s no mystery why; as a team, we collectively participated in over 230 meetings and took more than 1.5 […]

Rhetoric And Revenue: Alphabet’s And Microsoft’s Q1 2023 Earnings

Nikhil Lai April 28, 2023
Both Alphabet and Microsoft featured AI heavily in their Q1 2023 earnings calls. Before Alphabet’s call began streaming on YouTube, attendees were shown a video about Bard, Google’s AI chatbot. During the call, “AI” was mentioned 51 times. During Microsoft’s, it was mentioned 34 times. For Alphabet, AI’s references related to PaLM, its competitor to […]

Hannover Messe 2023: It’s Back

Paul Miller April 28, 2023
Hannover Messe 2023 was bigger than last year, with lots of ChatGPT and metaverse, but also a welcome dose of pragmatism.

The Humanlike Future Of Interactions With Machines

David Truog April 27, 2023
In a major, accelerating trend, interactions between people and machines are becoming more like those between people.

Are LLMs Poised To Be A Great Business Intelligence Equalizer? Not Yet.

Boris Evelson April 20, 2023
The generative AI boom is fundamentally changing the landscape of vendor offerings. We believe that one largely ignored area where generative AI will have a disruptive impact is enterprise analytics, specifically business intelligence (BI). In the last few weeks, Forrester has seen a flurry of BI vendor announcements (surprise, surprise) on recently rolled-out functionality or […]

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Autonomous Workplace Assistants Get A Boost From Generative AI

Craig Le Clair April 18, 2023
Learn how the emerging technology of generative AI could change autonomous workplace assistants.

How Will Generative AI Change Business?

What It Means April 13, 2023
Generative AI is everywhere lately, but what will its real impact be on the enterprise? In this episode, Analyst Rowan Curran separates the hype from reality.

Let’s Chat About ChatGPT And CX

Colleen Fazio April 11, 2023
It’s hard to avoid the hype that ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools will change everything — including customer experience (CX). But scratch beyond the surface of the click-bait headlines about AI and CX, and you’ll find that writers have conflated CX with customer service or marketing. From chatbots to predictive product recommendations, most of […]

Risk Or Reward? Generative AI’s Impact On The Software Development Lifecycle

The risks of using AI for development and testing are real — but so are the rewards.    Join our analysts for this webinar to learn how, when, and why tech leaders are turning to AI to streamline software development lifecycle (SDLC) tasks – and how TuringBots fit into the mix.

Google’s Virtual Assistant Plans Signal A Market Shift In Conversational AI

Michele Goetz April 5, 2023
It was reported last week that Google is shifting resources within its virtual assistant unit from Assistant to Bard, its intelligent chat technology. This comes as no surprise to Forrester. Google has a long history of launching and discontinuing services that fail to gain traction with consumers, and voice has failed to do so. Amazon […]

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Are We Ready To Activate Personas And Messaging With Artificial Intelligence?

Barry Vasudevan April 5, 2023
ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing (or is it Sydney?) have taken AI from a great idea to something that has a much more practical and tangible impact on our lives today. As marketers, many of us are already thinking about and playing around with how AI may write our next lead-gen email or create content that […]

Let The Battle Begin: Privacy Versus ChatGPT

Enza Iannopollo April 3, 2023
ChatGPT is in trouble with privacy. As part of an open investigation, the Italian regulator has stopped the use of ChatGPT in Italy. According to the regulator, ChatGPT fails to inform users about the personal data it collects and processes, it doesn’t provide a clear legal basis for the processing activity it engages on, and it […]

The Edge Of The Age Of AI

James L. McQuivey, PhD March 29, 2023
Old AI is to generative AI as Yahoo! is to Google. And it's poised to change every job, dramatically altering the future of work.
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