The barometer of success for today's eBusiness and channel strategy professionals is changing rapidly. The emergence of new connected devices, global and empowered customers, and the management of "traditional" channels all present difficult challenges. 

  • How will customer behavior determine your evolving commerce strategy?
  • How should you optimize your people, process, and technology to serve today's empowered customers across touchpoints?
  • How should you apply social and mobile to drive commerce?
  • What approach should you employ for your commerce globalization and international expansion efforts?
  • What technology should you apply to best support commerce and service, drive revenue, and reduce costs?

Our team works to help you address these questions every day. Specifically, within our growing council of eBusiness and channel strategy professionals, our advisors manage relationships with eBusiness executives at top-tier firms to help them address these and other challenges. And based on our growth, we're looking for help. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming an advisor on our team, please consider the following open positions for which we are hiring:

  • Senior Advisor – Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals (US)
  • Advisor – Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals (US)

I hope we'll have the opportunity to work together!