Mischief, fright, haunting … These are just a few terms that apply to this time of year: Halloween. But these terms can also explain cyberattacks and the paranormal. Yes, we said it, cyberattacks and the paranormal, both things that go bump in the night (and often bump in the daylight, too). Both involve something that can cause your arm hair to stand up, raise goosebumps, and incite a feeling of dread and unease. Has my data been hacked? Was that my cat making noise in the kitchen or something not of this realm? And, most important for security professionals to know, both involve an investigative process. 

Alexis Tatro is a senior research associate on the Security and Risk team and an instrumental part of my research. In her off hours, she performs paranormal investigations … and has even seen a few ghosts in her day. In Halloween theme, we’ve identified several parallels between her expertise in paranormal investigations and investigations of cyberattacks.

Check out how your security operations talent is transferrable to finding your next ghost below. 

When there is something strange in your neighborhood or network, who you gonna call? 

In a security incident, reach out to your security operations center (SOC) analysts. But if you have something going bump in the night, call your local ghostbusters — and have a happy and safe Halloween. 


Written with Alexis Tatro (Bouffard), senior research associate at Forrester.