B2B sales leaders have been running sales orgs based on a set of myths passed down by sales leaders over generations. Until now, they’ve been accepted as truths. Sales leaders view them as the right way to manage sales. But new data show that these myths are, in fact, holding sales teams back.

In our sales keynote presentation at Forrester’s B2B Summit, May 2–May 4, my colleague Seth Marrs and I debunk three popular myths that underpin how sales organizations are run today and offer modern approaches that boost productivity and accelerate revenue growth.

Common Myths Are Holding Sales Leaders Back

In the pre-data era of sales, sales leaders have used popular myths to manage the business. Examples of common myths still used by sales leaders today include:

  • The 3x pipeline rule of thumb is accurate.
  • Sales can’t succeed without hero reps.
  • More effort equals more sales.
  • Deal reviews are an accurate way to understand a seller’s pipeline.
  • Sellers can find demand that doesn’t exist.

Leverage Insights Instead Of Relying On B2B Sales Myths

Before sales leaders had access to rich troves of data and insights, utilizing these myths made sense. Forrester’s research on an insights-driven sales system analyzed customer engagement and seller activity data that is now available in sales tech systems to disprove these myths. Our analysis reveals that commonly held myths are a drag on sales leaders’ efforts to increase revenue growth and productivity. We offer modern, innovative alternatives to common myths that will unlock sales productivity and efficiency.

The Benefits Of A Modern Insights-Driven Sales System

There is a massive untapped opportunity for sales leaders to mine and leverage both customer and seller insights to drive business and increase revenue and productivity. Sales leaders can capitalize on this opportunity by adopting an insights-driven sales system (IDSS). An IDSS prioritizes the use of processes, infrastructure, and insights over relying solely on superstar talent to hit the number.

Join Us At Forrester’s B2B Summit North America To Learn More!

Join me and my colleague Seth Marrs during our session, “Can You Handle The Truth? Why Popular Sales Myths Are Holding You Back,” at Forrester’s B2B Summit, May 2–May 4, to understand why three popular sales myths are outdated and how disproving them will unlock new levels of growth and creativity. Lastly, we will detail why a modern approach to sales requires an insights-driven sales system. We look forward to seeing you there!