In less than seven weeks, we will descend on Chicago for Forrester’s Digital Transformation & Innovation 2019 Forum. Your competitors are delivering new products and services that continually raise the bar, so your imperative to transform is stronger than ever.

But getting transformation right is essentially just table stakes; innovation really is the new imperative. And getting innovation right is a major challenge. Research shows that firms continue to struggle to get innovation right, with Forbes noting that 23% of firms don’t see significant results from their efforts. We also find that even when companies get innovation right, the solutions they are coming up with are just shades of gray compared to the competition. Just go look at the commonality in airline apps!

So how do you successfully innovate and deliver differentiated results? The answer: tech-driven innovation. Yeah, we understand the concerns of “leading with technology,” but things are different today. Technology is pervasive. Everyone is a technologist. Data is the lifeblood of companies. You need to get so good with technology that you can use it to identify and capture new opportunities for innovation and turn your tech capabilities into competitive and differentiated advantage.

During the Forum, we will explore the concept of tech-driven innovation in depth, providing both the vision to shoot for and the action plan to achieve it. Liz Herbert will lead conversations around getting the right core in place. Brian Hopkins and team will show how you can be a technology leader. J. P. Gownder will provide our vision for how work will get done in the future and how you can ensure that you have the right approach in place. And all three will be supported by other leading Forrester analysts and innovation and transformation leaders from different industries. All these conversations will involve our latest and greatest research, supplemented by new surveys currently in the field.

We look forward to working with you in Chicago. Click here to learn more and register.