This May, we are turning up the heat again. As if the culmination of IPL 2019 and the month-long festival of democracy was not enough to make the month interesting, we will throng into Mumbai on May 28. The occasion: Forrester’s Digital Transformation & Innovation India 2019 Forum.

We see that enterprises have come to terms with digital transformation, more or less. As they go about transforming themselves digitally to become as similar to digital natives as possible, or better, they will realize that everyone else is doing the same. So what comes next? Our research shows that innovation is the new imperative. But innovation is hard. Firms have been trying their hand at becoming innovative for some time but are failing to see the results. We see many businesses set up innovation labs only to close them a few years later, wasting substantial investments. Forbes noted that almost a quarter of firms don’t see significant results from their innovation efforts. A majority of these efforts are directed at incremental innovation, which is very easily matched by peers.

That’s why, at this year’s Forum, we will talk about a new way to innovate. We call it tech-driven innovation. We understand that focusing on technology for the sake of it has a bad reputation. So how is tech-driven innovation different? We propose that you’ll become so good at experimenting with new technologies that it, in and of itself, will help you identify and unlock new opportunities. This is what we call mastering tech-driven innovation.

This year’s Forum’s key theme is tech-driven innovation. We intend to help you get better at it. To that end, a galaxy of Forrester analysts will present our latest research and bring thought leadership on this topic. Frederic Giron will lay out the vision. Leslie Joseph, Charlie Dai, and Achim Grazen will show how you can lead with technology. Vikram Sehgal, Amit Bhatia, and Arnav Gupta will discuss how you can center your tech innovation efforts on the customer.

We will also have a stellar list of industry leaders from firms such as Amazon, CarDekho, Cleartrip, Future Generali, HDFC Bank, Mercedes-Benz, SBI Card, and Shoppers Stop join us. It will be exciting to learn their perspective on innovation as they continue their digital efforts.

I am really excited for this year’s Forum. It is going to be a great event.

We look forward to hosting you in Mumbai. Click here to learn more and register.