A beautiful and wise woman once told me, “Words make money”. Full disclosure: She’s my new boss…so I carefully pondered her statement. Yes, I know words can make money, especially in the consumer world. There are journalists, novelists, screenwriters – professionals who experience direct monetization of their “creative words product” – linking the efficacy of their words to sales and revenue generation. But for the legions of B2B marketers trying to create product or solution messaging that resonates with buyers and compels them to action – how do words make money?

Soon after my boss’s declaration, we met with a client whose focus on refining messaging exemplified the meaning of this statement. The client’s Words Make Moneygoal was to upsell the customer base with add-on products. The value proposition was integrated into an ROI calculator tool correlating the business need, solution cost, expected value and risk. To validate the messaging, the client used biometric sensors on customers as they explored the calculator. By capturing the customer’s emotional and physical response to the messaging components, the company was able to refine the value proposition and identify triggers that compelled the client to purchase the add-on products. As a result of the validation and subsequent rollout of the ROI tool, the firm experienced a substantial increase in upsell revenue.

So do words make money? As this client’s experience demonstrates, the answer is a resounding yes. In our ongoing quest to attract buyers, we marketers know that great messaging is the bridge that connects buyers to offerings and compels them to action. We see the results of our words in the number of leads generated, deals made, and the levels of customer retention and satisfaction – all of which have direct revenue impact.

While not every company can deploy biometric testing to validate messaging, we can still develop messaging that is meaningful to the target audience and effective in driving the desired action. Create a value proposition that clearly addresses a defined audience and their needs. Explain how the offering meets these needs and emphasize how your offering delivers more value than the alternatives. Good messaging hits target personas at the emotive level and compels them to take action – to respond, engage and purchase.

Yes, words make money and in this instance, my boss is indeed wise (and beautiful).

How have you experienced “words make money”?