2024 Global Predictions

Dive deep into the 2024 global predictions driving growth and revenue across CX, B2B, tech sectors.

Our Predictions research reveals that, in 2024, the path to success will be paved by companies that dare to push the boundaries of exploration and embrace innovative technologies like generative AI. Those companies that stand back and wait will risk falling behind the competition.

Watch this webinar to explore Forresters 2024 predictions to unlock business growth and revenue in an uncertain global market. Gain firsthand knowledge from the analysts who spearheaded the research and delve deeper into the predicted highlights and lowlights that businesses must navigate to succeed. 

Discover how AI is revolutionizing different sectors and adding business value to companies across the United States, Europe, and APAC. Dont miss this opportunity to position your company for success in 2024 and beyond. 


Watch the webinar to learn to learn: 

  • The impact that generative AI will have on consumers. 
  • The big CX gain that global companies will experience. 
  • The B2B buyer change that Millennial preferences are driving. 
  • How the tech sector will be transformed by AI automation. 

Whats in it for you?  

  • Ask questions to our analysts on-demand. 
  • Hear a generative AI analyst debate/panel discussion. 
  • Get an AI update from Forrester’s CEO, George Colony. 


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