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Don’t Get Canceled: How To Overcome GenAI Consumer Backlash

Audrey Chee-Read April 2, 2024
As AI awareness increases, consumers assume a default posture of distrust. This year’s CX Summit North America will reveal practices that brands can use to protect themselves while advancing their genAI strategy.

One Year Since Bud Light’s Marketing Blunder: What Did We Learn?

Audrey Chee-Read April 1, 2024
With the benefit of some hindsight, learn three counterintuitive reasons why Bud Light was particularly vulnerable to cancellation in this blog post previewing a full case study on the issue.

Are You Advertising During This Election Cycle? Read This First.

Audrey Chee-Read March 5, 2024
The US election cycle in 2024 will it be the priciest media buy to date. Get three tips on how to prepare your advertising spend for the upcoming cycle.

Generative AI Consumer Outlook, Q1 2024: Which Consumers Will Pay To Use GenAI?

Audrey Chee-Read February 21, 2024
Recent survey findings shed light on who is most likely to pay and which features they're more likely to pay for.

Stanley Tumblers, Sephora Skincare: Creators Are Turning Tweens Into Adults

Audrey Chee-Read January 9, 2024
Adult creators are turning tweens and teens onto grow-up products. What does it mean for brands?

Three Signs That Consumers’ Impulsive Spending Is Growing

Audrey Chee-Read November 8, 2023
Impulse spending behavior is growing — and companies are finding opportunities both online and offline to entice consumers to add to their basket. Forrester’s February 2023 Consumer Pulse Survey found that roughly one in two of US and UK Gen Z adults report making impulsive decisions when shopping. Offline, brands and retailers for years have […]

Predictions 2024: With The Right Preparation, Your Organization Can Win Trust While Others Lose It

Stephanie Balaouras October 31, 2023
A focus on fundamentals such as empathy, dependability, and accountability will equip companies to weather a tumultuous year ahead.

Predictions 2024: CMOs Prioritize Practicality Over Purpose

Mike Proulx October 25, 2023


Predictions 2024: Consumers Embrace Calm After The Revenge Spending Storm

Audrey Chee-Read October 25, 2023
In 2024, consumers will embrace better habits with their wallets and minds, but moments of acute social tension could cause chaos for brands. Discover our consumer predictions for 2024.

Introducing Forrester’s Generative AI Consumer Outlook Quarterly Blog Series

Audrey Chee-Read October 6, 2023
It’s been almost a year since ChatGPT made its big splash in late 2022 and consumers are both cautious and optimistic. This new blog series will track the latest consumer outlook for generative AI.

The Consumer Does Not Need To Be Part Of Every Business Decision

Audrey Chee-Read September 19, 2023
As Forrester’s consumer behavior analyst, I’m going to say something controversial: The consumer does not need to be a part of every business decision. There’s no shortage of supply or demand for consumer insights. In fact, the pandemic supercharged market research capabilities to create more efficient and cost-effective platforms and tools to gather those insights. […]

Inclusive Advertising Requires A Process, Not Just People

Audrey Chee-Read July 11, 2023
While the conversation and action around diversity, inclusivity, and belonging spiked in 2020, CMOs still struggle with inclusive advertising practices. Three core challenges are involved: 1) receiving backlash if the advertising “gets it wrong”; 2) seeing inclusivity in advertising as a “check the box” task; and 3) using inclusivity for PR instead of authentic representation. […]

Trust In 2023 Is Essential For Business Growth

Audrey Chee-Read June 20, 2023
Forrester’s extensive research into global consumers’ trust has been tracked annually since the beginning of the pandemic. Our data shows that a consumer’s level of trust in a company drives revenue-generating behaviors such as the likelihood to purchase again, preference for a company over competitors, trial of unrelated products, and propensity to share personal data. […]

Lessons Learned From Bud Light’s Marketing Blunder

Audrey Chee-Read May 17, 2023
In early April, Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light brand saw itself caught in a culture war fiasco. For its NCAA March Madness activation, the beer brand partnered with popular TikTok trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for a one-time giveaway. This led to an uproar on social media — initially from conservative voices including musicians Kid Rock and Travis […]

The COVID-19 Global Health Emergency Has Ended, But These Three Consumer Behaviors Aren’t Changing

Audrey Chee-Read May 5, 2023
On Friday, May 5, 2023, the World Health Organization declared an end to the COVID-19 emergency. While it will keep its status as a pandemic, this new declaration is a long-awaited milestone. The COVID-19 pandemic is the first of its scale to have affected and influenced consumer behavior across the globe at a time when […]

Less Is More When It Comes To Launching New Innovation

Audrey Chee-Read April 28, 2023
Brands are now putting more of a focus on determining priorities than before, due to a confluence of factors: the continual threat of a recession; post-pandemic volatility with businesses; and what Meta is calling the “Year of Efficiency” across not just how companies are organized but also in how they think of their overall business, […]

Revenge Spending Meets Increased Credit Card Debt For Younger Consumers

Audrey Chee-Read April 25, 2023
Revenge spending, financial avoidance, and impulse buying are just a few financial behaviors of Gen Z consumers that may seem beneficial to companies in the short term but have disadvantageous consequences in the long run. In Q4 of 2022, credit card balances reached $986 billion, surpassing the pre-pandemic record of $927 billion. When digging into […]

For US Consumers, The Pandemic Is Going, But Not Gone

Audrey Chee-Read March 22, 2023
All signs point to the COVID-19 pandemic being fully behind us: The Biden administration’s COVID-19 national public health emergency protocols are set to end on May 11; consumers’ comfort in pre-pandemic activities, such as going to a concert or a museum, is increasing over time; and while travel is starting to recover, the lack of […]