For close to a decade, tech industry leaders like Amazon, Apple, and Google have pursued revenue growth opportunities in the nearly $8 trillion global healthcare market. Apple is compelling health insurers to subsidize the cost of the Apple Watch for members. Google focuses on differentiating its Google Cloud Platform through its healthcare AI research and the partnerships its life sciences business, Verily, spearheads. Amazon works to build a new care delivery paradigm that carves costs out of the system for its employees, and eventually the general public.

Despite these efforts, a majority of healthcare workers still view these companies as outsiders and don’t trust their healthcare ambitions.

Yet coronavirus has created an all-hands-on-deck operational environment in which every business is expected to do all that it can to turn the tide of the pandemic. As a result, Amazon, Apple, and Google are focusing their innovation teams on coronavirus, rolling out health information technology at a blistering pace, including:

  • Apple partnering with Google to build a private contact-tracing platform.
  • Google’s Alphabet developing the tech and process to help local communities establish drive-through testing centers.
  • Amazon is engineering employee protection best practices as it scales to meet unprecedented delivery demand.

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