The live virtual experience will offer the latest insights and best practices to help B2B & B2C marketing and customer experience (CX) leaders grow their businesses

SINGAPORE, August 12, 2020Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) today announced the conference agenda and guest keynote speaker for Summit Asia Pacific 2020, which will be held virtually from September 1-2, 2020. Featuring more than 40 sessions, Summit Asia Pacific 2020 is the must-attend event for B2B & B2C marketing and CX leaders looking to align organizational priorities and grow revenue in this unprecedented business environment.

Growing revenue and improving CX remain top priorities for business leaders in Asia Pacific. Packed with timely and actionable insights, this event is aimed at business leaders looking to collaborate in order to accelerate their revenue engine and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The conference will showcase two primary tracks: B2B and CX

  • The B2B track is designed to help B2B marketing, product and sales leaders address the specific challenges that demand, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), channel, campaign, field marketing and sales teams face in the region.
  • The CX track will help B2C marketers and CX professionals understand how to engage with customers with authenticity and purpose, critical to the strength of brand relationship, especially as firms enter the post-pandemic recovery.

Some of the noteworthy features at the event include a keynote by Uma Rudd Chia, award-winning creative director, head of innovation and best-selling author and advanced experiential and networking opportunities to connect with peers. At the event, Forrester will also recognize its Return on Integration (ROI) and Programs of the Year (POY) honorees for achieving strong sales, marketing, and product alignment to improve overall company performance. In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to experience Forrester’s B2B Marketing and CX Certification courses, as well as exclusive access to best-in-class analysts and experts.

Key sessions include:

  • Lessons From A Crisis: The Future Of Brand, Employee And Customer Engagement. The current crisis is unprecedented, but the ideas and priorities that organizations need to apply are not. This session will discuss concepts, strategies, and tools around employee experience, customer engagement, and brand engagement that companies need to develop to not only survive the effects of the pandemic but also thrive in the future.
  • Silver Linings Playbook: Unexpected Innovations That Will Outlive COVID-19. In the early days of COVID-19, marketers, sellers and CX leaders scrambled to keep the most fundamental parts of their operations running. This panel will explore lessons learnt and how to apply them moving forward.
  •  The New Normal For Customer Experience. This session will discuss why customers may have temporarily sacrificed their personal comfort in exchange for their health and safety initially. However, in the future, they will demand more trust and reliability from companies they choose to do business with.
  • The Future Of B2B Buying: How to Anticipate And Plan For Your Buyers’ Evolving Expectations. Organizations that will navigate today’s changing B2B buying behaviors successfully will adapt on the basis of a strategic understanding of the evolving relationship between their specific offerings and buyer motions. This session will help revenue leaders understand and adapt to the changing needs of their buyers. 
  • Building Resilient Plans Across The Revenue Engine. Only 14% of organizations report having an aligned planning process that includes sales, product and marketing. This session will explore why revenue leaders must develop annual plans that are resilient, drive focus, and enable agility within their organizations to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.

“Our research shows that business leaders — regardless of who they serve — need to adjust to the new normal and adapt to changing customer expectations quickly,” said Dane Anderson, SVP of international research and product, Forrester. “They need to survive and find a way to grow and differentiate their brand. Our goal is to guide these companies out of the crisis and help them build long-lasting and trusting relationships with their customers, in alignment with the present realities.”

Resources for Summit Asia Pacific 2020:

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