Customer success programs have thus far gained limited traction among B2Bs. Yet those companies that have embraced CX have seen improved customer relationships and retention. Read our best practices for strengthening B2B CX.

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The Business Case For Inclusive Design

What It Means 5 days ago
Why has inclusive design become so important? On this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar and UX Researcher Senem Biyikli delve into the multi-faceted benefits of inclusive design.

Marketing And The Metaverse

What It Means May 5, 2022
Is the metaverse your ticket to marketing innovation or a quagmire into which marketing dollars will sink, never to be seen again? What is the metaverse, anyway? Join VP, Research Director Mike Proulx and VP, Principal Analyst Julie Ask as they explore what the metaverse means for marketers.

Doing, Selling, And Being Headless Commerce

Joe Cicman May 3, 2022
Different roles have different relationships to headless commerce. Yet the concept is easier explained when you can settle on a frame of reference.

Six Things B2B Leaders Can Do To Create A Customer-Obsessed Culture

Jennifer Ross May 2, 2022
Customer-centered B2B organizations outperform their peers in nearly all the metrics that matter. Leaders set the tone in shaping a culture focused on the customer.

Why Headless Commerce Is A Pain In The Neck

Joe Cicman April 29, 2022
It’s not your fault you don’t understand “headless commerce.” Great products have great names that express what they are and why they’re good. Like “doghouse” or “sugar-free gum.” But headless commerce … that’s confusing, and it’s poorly messaged. Let’s run two tests to illustrate this. (Full disclosure: This is a roast of headless commerce.) Round […]

The Top Three Solutions For B2B Commerce In 2022

Joe Cicman April 28, 2022
The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022 surfaced a significant shift in the market, which we predicted but did not expect to see so quickly or so clearly. So What Did The Results Reveal About The Market? Three solutions scored higher than more broadly adopted solutions. In all three cases, these solutions take a […]

Take A Pragmatic Approach To B2B Conversation Design To Avoid Dystopian Dialogue

Jessie Johnson April 26, 2022
From their interactions as consumers, B2B buyers and customers are already accustomed to receiving relevant information curated by algorithms and delivered at the right time in dynamic and digestible formats. Across channels, devices, and interfaces, these audiences ask for what they want. They’re also aware of how their behavior drives the algorithmic co-creation of interest-based […]

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The Quantum Physics Of Future-Ready B2B Content

Christine Polewarczyk April 18, 2022


How Does B2B CX Quality Impact Loyalty? — A Forrester B2B Summit 2022 Session Preview

Laura Ramos April 11, 2022
Assessing the CX of B2B companies is trickier than in the B2C space. At Forrester's B2B Summit North America, we'll unveil the first B2B CX Index™ and reveal which aspects of CX matter most for two popular solution types.

Who Are The B2B “Early Deciders”?

Ian Bruce February 14, 2022
Buyers' motivations are often complex. Digging into our data yields clues about those who make decisions early in the buying process.

Simplicity Underpins Future Payment Fabric And The Future Of Payments

Jacob Morgan February 2, 2022
The future of payments will see firms shift focus from consumers toward businesses, embedding payment technology (not payments), and programmable payments in a quest to mitigate complexity.

The Future Of CRM: A Forrester Perspective

Kate Leggett January 25, 2022
Learn three key drivers that are expanding CRM’s remit and transforming the technology.

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Predictions 2022: How CX Can Shine In A Year Of Shortages

What It Means November 11, 2021
“Shortage” will be the name of the game in 2022. CX leaders will have to help their organizations contend with out-of-stock products, understaffing, and unhappy customers. Senior Analyst Judy Weader and Researcher Sam Karpinski explain how CX leaders can shine during a difficult year.

Predictions 2022: This Is A Year To Be Bold

Sharyn Leaver October 26, 2021



Meng Liu June 24, 2021
以客户为中心已经在零售银行深入人心,零售银行的客户体验提升项目也在全球范围内遍地开花。相比于零售银行,由于B2B系统的复杂性,公司银行之前很少在客户体验领域有所建树。然而,随着银行对公司银行业务体验的要求与日俱增并期待可以达到和零售业务一致的极致体验,越来越多的公司银行部门开始把客户导向和体验提升作为自己的核心战略,随之转变业务模式。客户旅程地图绘制是提升公司银行客户体验的一个有力工具,公司银行客户体验专业人员可以通过绘制客户旅程地图获得outside-in的视角、了解客户体验不佳的根本原因以及将客户痴迷贯彻到整个组织上下。 在理解了客户旅程地图绘制的巨大价值以后,下一个问题是如何有效绘制公司银行的客户旅程地图?Forrester基于超过20年的全球客户体验研究基础以及和中国大型银行客户的咨询实操经验,在中国的公司银行及B2B客户体验领域积累了丰富的理论、工具与方法。我们总结出的绘制公司银行以及B2B行业客户旅程地图的“三部曲”和十个详细步骤: 1. 准备客户旅程绘制相关工作 选择好相关旅程 绘制客户画像 建立对客户旅程地图的相关假设 邀请正确的参与人员 决定旅程绘制执行方式及做好相关准备 2. 执行客户旅程地图绘制 绘制客户旅程地图 发现关键痛点 绘制生态系统 3.决定下一步 通脑风暴出下一步解决办法 数字化以及扩大绘制出的旅程地图的影响力 在我们最新发布的报告 中国公司银行客户旅程地图绘制 中,未来提供更多可供参考的细节,我们选取了一个最典型的公司银行旅程-企业客户开户旅程按照三部曲的步骤带大家一起重现了公司银行客户旅程地图绘制的全过程。欢迎阅读报告获取更多关于公司银行客户旅程地图绘制的相关洞见,如果您有任何问题,请随时与笔者联系,联系邮箱inquiry@forrester.com 以及china@forrester.com。

Building CX Influence? Choose Your Friends Carefully

Amy Bills May 11, 2021
Many CX leaders rely on matrixed teams, adjacent functions, and internal alignment to drive transformation. Being an informal “influence officer” might feel like a second job, but leaders who can connect with internal allies to further the cause of customer obsession have the greatest likelihood of success.

Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Nuance Signals A Trend Of Industry-Specific Acquisition

Christopher Gilchrist April 14, 2021
Interest rates are low. The Fed is dovish. Strong balance sheets exist across the titans of tech. What does it all mean? Well, you are seeing the open salvos in an arms race in industry-focused tech as this combination of financial factors make the technology market prime for consolidation. A shining example is Microsoft’s announcement of its intention to acquire Nuance Communications for $19.7 billion in an all-cash transaction. Microsoft will complement its recently developed healthcare cloud […]

Predictions 2022 For CX Leaders

Make CX a business hero in 2022. Discover five factors that pave the way to success this year.


A Lens On Europe: COVID-19 Makes Empathetic B2B Content Essential

Andia Tonner March 8, 2021
Your Marketing Content Doesn’t Cater To New B2B Buyers The age of the customer has shifted buying power to your customers and fundamentally changed B2B buying behavior.[1] Your once rational, loyal B2B customer has been replaced by a less loyal, more emotional decision-maker, who prefers to remain anonymous and self-directs much of their purchase journey […]

What’s The ROI Of CX Transformation?

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian January 28, 2021
Do the benefits of CX transformation outweigh the costs and result in a positive ROI? How can you determine that for your company? Our newly updated report “The ROI Of CX Transformation” helps you answer these questions. The report includes: New proof points about the benefits of investing in CX from our large-scale Customer Experience […]

What I See Coming For The Channel: 2021

Jay McBain January 21, 2021
  Last year ended up being a tale of two cities for the channel. On one hand, customers and governments recognized partners as an essential service and central to their ability to rapidly respond to a worsening pandemic early in the year. With catlike reflexes, the IT channel emptied the laptop supply chain and became […]
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