Forrester today announced a new research series that focuses on the most innovative technology providers in today’s ever-changing digital landscape: the breakout vendor reports. Launched in conjunction with DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 2016, the firm’s forum for technology management and digital business leaders, Forrester’s breakout vendor series helps businesses stay up-to-date on the most promising technology innovations and the companies behind them.

“Businesses need an edge to win, serve, and retain their ever-changing customers,” Cliff Condon, chief research and product officer at Forrester, said. “Forrester’s breakout vendor research provides our clients with new insights helping them identify emerging technology providers that can give them that edge to succeed in the age of the customer.”

The breakout vendor series digs into five main areas that provide businesses with insight into key emerging technology vendors, covering their:

  • Offering: What are the capabilities of the products and the technology?
  • Scenarios: What are the scenarios and environments in which the company excels?
  • Maturity: What is the company’s go-to-market approach, channel strategy, and viability?
  • Challenges: What are the potential pitfalls and areas that need improvement?
  • Road map: What’s next for the business and the products?

In the first batch of reports in the new series, Forrester identified breakout vendors in the following categories:

  • Virtual And Augmented Reality Devices: Five breakout vendors that are driving employee effectiveness, customer interactions, and training/visualization across the board.
  • Retail eBusiness: Four breakout vendors that are standing out because of their value propositions and ability to support customer experience cost-effectively.
  • Big Data Integration: Three breakout vendors that are pushing boundaries around big data integration to get value faster.
  • Sales Content Management (SCM): Four breakout vendors that are driving innovation around content creation, engagement, and analytics in SCM.
  • SaaS Business Applications: Six breakout vendors that are standing out due to their track records of customer success and market approach.

Click here for a deeper dive into the breakout vendor series, and contact us to receive additional information on how to gain access to the reports.