Most consumers, today, make buying decisions based on brands’ moral, social, or political values. They trust companies more than governments to drive change; and think CEOs should personally take a stand on issues. As suchit’s no surprise that more and more organizations are embracing values-based selling to build brand loyalty. 

However, if organizations cannot earn the trust of their employees, they cannot earn the trust of their customers. The Walkout staged by Wayfair employees is a case in point. In fact, great customer experience and great employee experience go hand in hand. 

Forrester’s Employee Experience Index found that values in the employee experience often matter more than values in the customer experience; companies that align corporate values with employee values empower the workforce. For example, 85% of employees that agree with company values are productive at work, compared to 72% of total employees; 76% of employees that agree with values recommend the company’s products, compared to 55% of total employees.  

Also, according to Forrester’s Customer-obsessed operating model, companies that positively reinforce employee’s embrace of corporate values set themselves up for success: 81% offer a top tier customer experience, compared to 65% of total companies; 37% report YOY revenue growth, compared to 32% of total companies.