Enterprise AI initiatives will boost IT organizations’ productivity and creative problem-solving by 50% in the year ahead

AUSTIN, Texas, and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., September 8, 2023 — According to Forrester’s (Nasdaq: FORR) 2024 Tech Leadership Predictions, which will be unveiled at Technology & Innovation North America next week, 87% of US enterprise technology leaders anticipate increasing their organizations’ technology investment over the next 12 months — with nearly 50% increasing their investments in AI capabilities. While generative AI is expected to deliver greater productivity and efficiency, 50% of technology leaders will fail to master the AI skills gap. Join this keynote to discover what the future holds for tech leaders in 2024 and how they can achieve growth with continuous improvement from insights and AI.

Forrester analysts will unveil new research to help chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief digital officers, and their teams uncover best practices and tools to enable, create, and amplify growth through their technology strategy. Additionally, Forrester will host an AI hack-a-thon on September 10 where in-person attendees will work in teams using various large language models (LLMs) to address food insecurity in Austin and create pitch materials for local civic investors and philanthropists. This event is structured to foster learning around both generative AI’s capabilities as well as its limitations.

Noteworthy new research to be showcased at this year’s event includes:

  • Future Fit Organizations Need Adaptive Leaders. Today, leaders face increasing and accelerating uncertainty, which manifests itself in economic turbulence, new ways of working, talent shortages, and challenges of continuous transformation. Join this session to explore how leaders can help their teams be adaptive, creative, and resilient despite these challenges.
  • Caution! Shiny Objects Can Blind You. To make smart and strategic investments, tech leaders need to gauge the barriers and caveats to adopting currently hyped emerging technologies, including generative AI. Join this panel to determine which emerging technologies have potential and which can be ignored.
  • Technical Debt Modernization And Migration Scenario Tool. When developing and evaluating modernization and migration strategies, tech leaders must consider the impact of technical debt across such dimensions as costs, personnel, level of effort, and risk. Join this session to uncover a framework leaders can use to make decisions that minimize the impacts of technical debt.
  • Bring-Your-Own-AI Hits The Enterprise. Employees are already using consumer AI services that their business doesn’t own. Tech leaders must develop a management strategy that maximizes the benefits and limits the risks of “bring-your-own-AI” (BYOAI). Join this session to learn best practices for how to effectively manage BYOAI at scale.

“While every tech leader is jumping on the generative AI bandwagon, the winning strategy for leaders is not to overly focus on the allure of generative AI,” said Matthew Guarini, event host and VP, senior research director at Forrester. “To harness the potential of generative AI, tech leaders need to instead get their people and process changes right to complement this technology. At Technology & Innovation North America, we will unveil research and share best practices to leverage this AI moment and help leaders create an environment that promotes innovation, continuous learning, and greater alignment with their broader business strategy.”


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