According to Forrester’s report, The State Of Generative AI Inside US Agencies, 2024, agencies that embrace genAI will better serve brands, keep up with competitors, and support employee creativity.  Forrester finds that US agencies lead the field in terms of genAI adoption: more than 60% of decision-makers report that their agency is already using genAI, with a further 31% saying that their agency is exploring use cases for the technology. Additionally, decision-makers report that 78% of large US agencies (more than 201 employees) are currently using genAI. 

Key findings from Forrester’s report include the following: 

  • US agencies report several use cases for genAI. 74% of decision-makers at US agencies are using genAI to ideate creative concepts, while 59% and 49% are using it to summarize audience insights and summarize marketing performance results, respectively. 
  • GenAI will quickly impact how agencies deliver value. Over half of decision-makers at US agencies shared that genAI will have a significant or very significant impact on four key parts of an agency’s ecosystem of value in the next two years: how an agency creates content for clients (76%); the agency marketplace (71%); how consumers interact with the marketing an agency creates (69%); and what content an agency produces for clients (62%). 
  • Barriers to agencies’ genAI adoption remain. These include concerns surrounding legal liability, copyright infringement, data privacy and security, and a lack of employee experience and readiness to use the technology. 

To investigate the current state of genAI in US agencies, Forrester fielded the joint survey with the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), with additional support from the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA).

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