From evolving consumer and employee sentiment, to changing investor priorities and new competitive pressures, firms are adapting to a set of market shifts and physical risks that require a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Today’s organisation must balance growth priorities with those of people and the planet, aligning with long-term customer and stakeholder values. At the same time, sustainability-focused companies achieve stronger financial results compared to their peers, have better employee retention and offer a more attractive investment opportunity.

According to Forrester’s Consumer Energy Index Online Survey (May 2020), 38% of UK, 42% of Italian, 51% of Spanish, and 57% of French online consumers spend more time now thinking about climate change than they did before the pandemic. This heightened environmental consciousness influences consumers to seek environmentally sustainable brands and products. Companies that ignore consumers’ concerns around sustainable business practices today will scramble to catch up with firms that are already embracing the transformation.

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