2020 drastically changed how events were held, with B2B marketing and event teams quickly shifting to a virtual model. As we start moving away from social distancing rules established by the pandemic, marketers will work towards a hybrid model blending both physical and virtual elements.

New research from Forrester is designed to help B2B and events teams develop strategies for a successful transition to this model, as well as identify areas where additional support is needed. Reports include the following:

  • B2B Marketers Expect To Host Hybrid Events Even After The Pandemic analyzes feedback from existing virtual event experiences to determine what the future of events may look like. Moving forward, hybrid events will become the model of choice and marketers will return to enhancing customer relationships with events, whereas in 2020 they used events to boost new business opportunities. 
  • B2B Marketers Must Deliver Engaging Content Before, During, And After Hybrid Events highlights how marketers should prepare to include on-demand sessions in their events. Remote attendees find recorded content highly valuable, allowing them to watch sessions whenever they choose. 
  • B2B Marketers And Marketing Event Management Solution Vendors Must Improve The Experience For Remote Attendees At Hybrid Events discusses the importance of engaging remote attendees effectively and marketing event management (MEM) solutions vendors can utilize to support this initiative. To get remote attendees involved, technology providers must offer more innovative venues and provide new ways for attendees to interact. 

Please contact press@forrester.com if interested in a copy of any of these reports. Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Laura Ramos is also available for media interviews to discuss these topics further.