Forrester’s touchless solution for customer experience tracking will help the airport securely obtain immediate and critical feedback from passengers

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Jan. 20, 2021 — Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) announced today that the touchless version of FeedbackNow, a solution for real-time data collection on customer experience, is now available at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy. Due to the pandemic, cleanliness and hygiene are currently passengers’ top priority — FeedbackNow will help the airport safely collect authentic and impartial feedback from them. Equipped with powerful analysis tools, Forrester’s FeedbackNow solution also enables the airport to continuously assess its COVID-19 protocols and resolve any hygiene issues before they escalate.

“With the return to normality, passengers expect safety, comfort, and full control of the surrounding environment,” says Emanuele Calà, head of innovation and quality at Fiumicino Airport. “Safety and hygiene are of utmost importance to us, and we are taking effective measures to offer our passengers a safe and quality travel experience. This includes implementing Forrester’s FeedbackNow solution so that we can be more receptive to our passengers’ needs and make their safety a priority during these uncertain times.”

Fiumicino Airport has won, for the third year in a row, awards for best airport in Europe, including the Best Airport Award 2020 and the Airport Service Quality Award 2019, assigned by ACI (Airports Council International) Europe and ACI World, respectively, in the category of hubs with over 40 million passengers. The airport stands out for its proactive establishment of measures and protocols taken to contain the pandemic, confirming that the capital’s airport is the most recognized in the world in the fight against COVID-19. In fact, Fiumicino is also the first airport in the world to have obtained the maximum rating of 5 stars from Skytrax, the international organization for the assessment of airlines and airports, after having received the Biosafety Trust Certification from RINA Services, the Airport Health Accreditation (first airport in the European Union to obtain it) and the “Airport Health Measures Audit Programme” (AHMAP), also from ACI (AHMAP in partnership con Bureau Veritas).

“It is vital to deliver experiences that evoke positive emotions such as trust, safety, and reliability — especially as consumer habits change as a result of the pandemic,” said Steven Peltzman, Forrester’s chief business technology officer and head of FeedbackNow. “Airports that are taking sanitation measures, such as Fiumicino Airport, are creating an environment in which passengers can feel safe and comfortable.”

Over 500 organizations worldwide in the travel, leisure, retail, and healthcare industries rely on FeedbackNow’s real-time analytics to respond quickly to problems and to ensure maximum protection and safety during this pandemic.

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