Following Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked virtual event which took place today and announced the latest Samsung releases in 2020, Forrester analysts have shared their comments:

VP & principal analyst Frank Gillett:

On Samsung’s expanded partnership with Microsoft:

“Samsung’s expanded partnership with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft 365 apps with Samsung smartphone users is the biggest news from the Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung and Microsoft have moved strongly to create an integrated experience between Galaxy smartphones and Windows PCs in ways that Apple or Google won’t match. The ability to seamlessly take multimedia notes, respond to messages manage notifications, sync photos, and even take calls across Galaxy phone or Windows PC is very powerful. These features start to match the integration of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and macOS experiences.”

 On the Samsung Note20:

“At Galaxy Unpacked, the notable new Note20 features were the improved responsive stylus with OneNote integration, DeX integration with large displays and PCs, full 5G support, and premium video/audio and photography features. The Ultra model, in particular, launches new premium features for fast laser autofocus, display, and UWB (ultrawideband) local sensing. These Note20 Ultra features keep the Note20 at the forefront of flagship smartphone models, in a flat smartphone market.

“Beyond the Note20, Samsung advanced its device ecosystem further, coming closest in the Android ecosystem to matching Apple’s integrated product line-up. The Tab S7+ uses many of the Note20 Ultra’s features, such as responsive stylus, better display, DeX integration with large displays and PCs, 5G, and UWB, plus a Book Cover Keyboard for both Tab S7 models.”

On the Samsung Galaxy Buds:

“I’m excited by the next advance in the Galaxy Buds Live, finally adding noise cancelling, plus three microphones and voice boosting to add smart audio features, including remote microphone for video recording.”

On the Samsung Galaxy Watch3:

“The Galaxy Watch3 added many features such as fall detection and tech for key blood and heart metrics available once approved by regulators. Samsung added video workout content, which should help Samsung try to catchup with the rich ecosystem of services and apps on the Apple Watch.”

On the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2:

“The Galaxy Z Fold2 continues Samsung’s foldable phone efforts, which demostrate technical competence for a niche market that has yet to take off. Few consumers are ready to pay more for the odd experience of folding devices that reduce travel size and add complexity to the display and use.

“Overall, Samsung advanced their market leading tech features across the device families of Note20, Tab 7, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Watch 3.Most important was the advance in Microsoft 365 integration, and the move toward more content and service features, supported by those technologies.”

Analyst Andrew Hewitt: 

 On Samsung’s expanded support for DeX and what it means for businesses:

“For me, the most significant announcement for enterprises is expanded support for DeX to connect wirelessly. Previously, DeX required the user to have a docking station and cable. It was extra overhead. Now, you can screen cast directly to Samsung TV or other monitors that support Miracast. While not all monitors support this, there are USB dongles that include support for this. The big takeaway for businesses here is that we are closer to a world where the smartphone becomes the key computing device for an employee, in certain use cases. For example, a call center associate could run all of their calls off a smartphone, but transition to a full desktop when they need to input information more quickly.

“I could also see this being useful if the world continues down the path of increased remote working. Let us say we no longer have assigned desks at offices anymore, but we do have monitors at desk that employees can easily cast to. This DeX offering would make it much easier for employees to be mobile (lighter device) but also use a full keyboard and monitor when they visit the office.”

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