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Six Questions You Should Ask Before You Ship Your Next Mobile App

Andrew Cornwall April 15, 2022
When you’re building a high-quality mobile app, you’ve committed both time and money. Insufficient testing, though, can spoil your investment. Forrester’s checklist for mobile testing identifies 38 pitfalls that can easily be overlooked. Here are six of them that many mobile application development teams forget: 1. Have you tested your UI with all forms of […]

Impressions From Mobile World Congress 2022

Dan Bieler March 9, 2022
Between February 28 and March 3, the leading global telecoms and networking event, Mobile World Congress (MWC), took place in Barcelona. The event was hosted as a hybrid event. It attracted about half the attendees that it saw before the pandemic struck, namely 60,000 attendees. The event organizers reduced the floor space accordingly. Nevertheless, there […]

Drive Engagement With Your Digital Experiences

A five-step breakdown of how to get customers to embrace new digital experiences.


Meet The New Endpoint Security And IoT Security Analyst: Paddy Harrington

Paddy Harrington March 1, 2022
Tell us about yourself! I’ve spent the last 25-plus years in the end user computing space — the world of connecting end users to their applications and data. My teenage hobby of computers has turned into my career, with my initial education in aeronautics. Whether it was seeing “WarGames” when it first came out, “hacking” […]

Lemonade’s Acquisition Of Metromile: Start Your Engines! The Race For Digital Insurance Supremacy Just Took A New Turn

Jeffery Williams November 10, 2021
Talk about timing. Last week, Lemonade revealed Lemonade Car, its entry into auto insurance. This week, it announced the acquisition of Metromile, one of the largest usage-based auto insurers in the world. Insurance technology (insurtech) M&A has been strong, but admittedly, I didn’t expect to see a transaction like this so soon. But I suppose […]

What’s New In European Mobile Banking

Oliwia Berdak November 5, 2021
Forrester reviewed the mobile apps of 13 European banking brands in June and July of 2021 for both functionality and user experience.

The Five Things Your Mobile Development Team Needs To Know About Devices

Andrew Cornwall October 5, 2021
Mobile devices aren’t just computers you can carry around. They’re extensions of your personality. For some people, they’re the only entry point to their digital lives. Seasoned vets of the mobile space must learn: The device your customer has is not the one you tested. It doesn’t matter how many devices you decided to use […]

The Five Things Your Mobile Development Team Needs To Know About The Ecosystem

Andrew Cornwall October 5, 2021
A few years ago, you had a big system if you had a thousand simultaneous users. Today, it means you have a moderately successful app or website. Your users place additional demands on your ecosystem now — in large part due to the limitations of the mobile devices they have. What does this mean for […]

Design Better Chatbots

Here's how to create chatbots that customers will love.


Could The Chip Shortage Derail Your IT Transformation?

What It Means September 23, 2021
The short-term impact of the chip shortage is clear to anyone who’s tried to buy something with a plug or a battery lately. But what long-term impacts should IT executives look out for? VP and Research Director Glenn O’Donnell provides insights.

A Crack In The Garden Wall

Andrew Cornwall September 13, 2021
On Friday, US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers released her ruling in the suit and countersuit by Epic and Apple. Neither party could claim complete victory. Epic was judged to have breached its contract with Apple (which it admitted) and now owes Apple more than $3.6 million. Apple escaped on almost all counts. The court […]

China Is Leading Global 5G Innovation

Guannan Lu August 12, 2021
Forrester believes that 2021 is the year that China becomes the epicenter of 5G innovations globally. Learn three reasons why in this blog post.

New Technologies Transform Transportation Management

George Lawrie July 12, 2021
Transportation management systems used to focus on streamlining operations and reducing costs. But today, cloud-based systems use advanced technologies to focus more on customer and employee experience. Learn how.

Nail Your Digital Experience: Get Your Mobile Strategy In Line

Julie Ask July 7, 2021
Is Mobile Still A Thing? Where Is Mobile Headed In 2021 And Beyond? Mobile is everywhere. We use it to send texts to friends, send emails to colleagues, tune in to watch our favorite sports teams, and much more. Yet many brands are still wondering, “What is the future of mobile?” Backed by Forrester’s extensive […]

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Samsung’s One UI Watch Experience Moves In The Right Direction But Has Work To Do

Julie Ask June 30, 2021
On June 28, Samsung announced its One UI Watch experience at the Mobile World Congress virtual event. Samsung partnered with Google to create a unified platform that lets users access the same services with a similar user interface across multiple Galaxy devices. Google and Samsung have moved in the right direction with these announcements, but […]

The Impact Of Apple’s Sideloading Philosophy On Developers

Andrew Cornwall June 28, 2021
Security Through Control On Wednesday, June 23, Apple unleashed strong messaging to explain why users should only install Apple-approved apps through its App Store on iOS. This is an extension of the US District Court case between Apple and Epic, where Apple positioned “sideloading,” the practice of installing apps outside its App Store, as dangerous. […]

iOS 15: Making 100 Mobile Moments Better Every Day

Julie Ask June 11, 2021
Apple kicked off its annual developer conference on Monday, June 7, 2021. One of its big announcements was iOS 15. iOS 15 makes experiences more intelligent and more intuitive. Apple is adding features that help its customers 100 times a day in little moments throughout the day, every day. In some ways, you could say […]

US: Smartphone And Tablet Online Retail Forecast Update

Michael O'Grady May 18, 2021
What’s the outlook for specifically for smartphone and tablet online retail in Europe and the US? This 2-part blog post highlights what’s changed – and what’s ahead – for each region.

Europe-5: Smartphone And Tablet Online Retail Forecast Update

Michael O'Grady May 18, 2021
What’s the outlook for specifically for smartphone and tablet online retail in Europe and the US? This 2-part blog post highlights what’s changed – and what’s ahead – for each region.

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Are PWAs At An Inflection Point?

Andrew Cornwall May 18, 2021
Progressive web apps have been held back on mobile, but recent changes have developers looking at them in a new way. Senior Analyst Andrew Cornwall explains.

The Future Of Apple’s (And Others’) App Store

Julie Ask April 28, 2021
Are app stores at risk? Get a detailed analysis of the broader implications of Epic's lawsuit against Apple.

Meet Andrew Cornwall, Forrester’s Newest Mobile/AD&D Analyst

Andrew Cornwall April 20, 2021
Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m the most recently hired analyst on Forrester’s application development and delivery research team. I’m sure this is a huge relief to previous newest analyst David Mooter, who’s no longer required to bring the (virtual, COVID-safe) coffee and donuts to team meetings. About Andrew I’m married and live […]
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