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Beyond Basics: Unleashing The Potential Of Mobile Banking Apps In India

Pushpa Marwal May 11, 2024
Mobile banking customers in India are finding that their apps are lagging behind and they might not wait around until the apps catch up. Learn a few of the emerging features that Indian consumers see as table stakes in mobile banking in this preview of a new report.

Reflections On The Major Themes From Mobile World Congress 2024

Dan Bieler April 9, 2024
This year’s Mobile World Congress went well beyond the usual telco topics and themes. Learn six of the key themes coming out of one of the most important annual tech events in Europe.

Is Too Much Tech Overburdening Clinicians?

What It Means February 8, 2024
How is the growing disconnect between tech leaders and clinicians contributing to burnout? Find out as Senior Analyst Shannon Germain Farraher explores the current and future state of technology in clinical settings.  

Samsung Brings GenAI To Smartphones With Its Galaxy S24

Julie Ask January 19, 2024
Samsung announced at its Unpacked event that its Galaxy S24 smartphone will incorporate generative AI to protect the user’s data, photos, notes, and more. Learn more in this event recap.

Humane’s Ai Pin Will Inspire The Very Device It Seeks To Replace

Mike Proulx November 14, 2023
Can a lapel pin replace the smartphone? If Humane (a startup by former Apple execs) has its way, its much-buzzed-about “Ai Pin” will make screens (and more) a thing of the past. But to get people’s heads back up and out of their devices means changing the paradigm of how we learned to interact with […]

The BoB World App Crisis: A Wake-Up Call For Strong Systems, Robust Processes, And Unwavering Ethics In Banking

Pushpa Marwal October 30, 2023
Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed a ban on Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking app, BoB World. But why did this happen, and what can we learn from it? Let’s dive into the details. This unsettling issue involved a series of events that led to fraudulent actions by some of the bank’s agents, […]

The Super App Window Has Closed

Xiaofeng Wang August 1, 2023
The conditions that propelled super apps like WeChat are no longer in place today. Instead of trying to build a super app, firms should instead invest in creating a robust mobile strategy.

Apple Brings 5G Network Slicing Closer To Reality

Octavio Garcia Granados June 28, 2023
Network slicing is one of the key features differentiating 5G networks from prior generations. Despite this promise, 5G network slicing adoption has been nearly nonexistent. Although application developers had the ability to tap into network slicing starting with Android 12 (Aug. 2021) and subsequently with Android 13 (Aug. 2022), they just now got that option […]

WWDC 2023 — What It Means For Developers

Andrew Cornwall June 6, 2023
As has been the trend in recent years, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2023) keynote has kept its focus centered on consumers — read about that here. Announcements for enterprises were thin — watchOS 10 gets mobile device management support, Safari gets passkeys and profiles to keep work and home tabs separate … and […]

Apple’s Vision Pro Is A New Spatial Computing Device — Not A Headset

Julie Ask June 6, 2023
Apple has unveiled its highly anticipated next-generation spatial computing device, Apple Vision Pro. The device will retail at $3,499 and be available in early 2024. It is an augmented reality (AR) experience, with graduated immersive experiences that come very close to virtual reality (VR) at times. I had the chance to try the headset for […]

Google I/O 2023: If You Remove AI, What’s Left?

Andrew Cornwall May 18, 2023
Google I/O, Google’s annual product showcase, displayed a very strong AI focus this year. We saw little new hardware, and even with Google’s “add AI to all the things” strategy, most improvements were incremental, not groundbreaking. If you haven’t already, read Google I/O 2023: As Far As The AI Can See to get up to speed […]

Three Best Practices From The Forrester Digital Experience Review™: US And Canada Mobile Investing Apps

Vijay Raghavan April 27, 2023
To assess the digital experience, we reviewed the functionality and user experience of 12 North American mobile investing apps that target self-directed investors, and we provide an Excel-based tool that allows digital business leaders to evaluate their customers’ digital journeys.

Taking WebAssembly/WASM To The Enterprise And Beyond

Brent Ellis April 18, 2023
There is a lot of hype about WebAssembly (WASM), and figuring out what this new technology is and how it can be used effectively is not an easy task. Andrew Cornwall and I have been looking at the technology to understand how it will work in the enterprise and enterprise edge. Look at the bottom of this […]

Web Push Comes To iOS, But Web Apps Are Still Second-Class

Andrew Cornwall March 28, 2023
On March 27, Apple announced the features that will be in the GA of Safari 16.4, after two beta releases. This is a significant release bringing a number of changes. In particular, Apple has increased its investment in Safari, presumably to address concerns about fair competition. Apple Hinted At Push Last Year Apple had released […]

Impressions From Mobile World Congress 2023

Dan Bieler March 16, 2023
Mobile World Congress 2023 shows that there is still a lot of dynamism in the tech sector and gives attendees insights into networks, cloud infrastructure, and the emerging world of connected solutions.

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Mary de Wysocki, Chief Sustainability Officer at Cisco

Abhijit Sunil March 7, 2023
Read this interview with Cisco's chief sustainability officer Mary de Wysocki to learn about her priorities in building up the sustainability team and the challenges that lie ahead in the telecommunications sector.

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation Testing Platforms, Q4 2022

Diego Lo Giudice January 13, 2023
Find out how players evaluated in The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation Testing Platforms, Q4 2022, lined up as Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers.

Deciphering Apple’s Recently Announced Data Protection Features

Geoff Cairns December 21, 2022
Earlier this month, Apple announced several important new data protection features for general availability in 2023 that have numerous implications for security teams in all industries and geographies. Here is the Forrester security and risk team’s collective analysis of these new features. Quick Summary The announcement is not particularly noteworthy in terms of the newly […]

OutSystems Buys Ionic: What It Means

Andrew Cornwall November 8, 2022
On November 7, OutSystems announced that it had acquired Ionic. A few years ago, that would have shaken the mobile development industry, and even today, it will cause vibrations in parts of it. We see three major dynamics in application development that are shaping the future of software development and this market: The scarcity of […]

Three Things US And Canada Government Mobile Websites Need To Fix Now

Judy Weader September 19, 2022
When we set out to do a Digital Experience Review™ of US and Canada government websites, my colleagues and I started by checking to see which sites were most heavily used and how they’re accessed. I can’t rightly say when the balance tipped in favor of mobile access over desktop, but we’re here now — […]
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