Forrester has published a new report on the topic of virtual healthcare in the UK and how the pandemic has impacted virtual care adoption.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to a virtual-first healthcare delivery model on a global scale – and the UK is no exception. While countries in Western Europe and the UK have experimented with virtual care and remote monitoring for years, there has been a recent seismic shift. Key findings in the report include:

  • Forrester expects a sustained rise in virtual care visits, with up to 20 million visits across the UK in 2020
  • Approximately one in three of those aged 14 and older in the UK will seek virtual care, with one-third of those visits for mental health support
  • Over a quarter of UK adults are currently sharing biometric data with a healthcare provider for a virtual care appointment
  • To enable successful deployment of virtual care in the UK, consumer concerns about quality, privacy, and accessibility that have a direct effect on adoption and retention need to be addressed

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