Today, Forrester released its 2017 Canada Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), a survey of nearly 75,000 consumers that measures and ranks the CX quality of 192 Canadian brands across 18 industries. The data shows that CX quality either decreased or remained stagnant across the board in Canada.

Here are a few key points that the data revealed:

  • Of the 192 brands Forrester analyzed, 24% had CX scores that worsened, while only 4% had scores that improved.
  • Of the 18 industries included, the OTT service provider industry was the only field that saw a minimal gain, thanks to Crave TV’s positive CX score.
  • Forrester refers to the top 5% of brands across all industries in the CX Index as “elite brands.” Of the 10 elite brands, six showed no statistically significant score change, four lost points, and just one (Teksavvy) improved modestly.
  • Emotion affects customer experience more than many brands realize: In the traditional retail industry, 83% of customers who feel appreciated will increase their spending with the brand, while only 14% of the customers who felt annoyed by an experience with their TV service providers plan to stay with the brand.

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