Forrester recently released a report on what motivates use of mobile banking apps. According to the research report, titled “What Drives Mobile Banking Usage,” emotional perception is a large factor in a consumer’s use of his bank’s app, specifically if it makes him feel “positive and accomplished.” Below are some additional stats:

  • Easy-to-use mobile banking apps lead to shorter mobile sessions, a practice both Citi and Bank of America have recently adopted. However, more than one in 10 US mobile banking users still don’t view even their primary providers’ apps as easy to use.
  • The most common activity is checking bank account balances (87%) followed by viewing a recent bank transaction (74%).
  • Those customers who set up or receive account alerts log into their banking app nearly two more days per month than those who do not use alerts.
  • Some 90% of consumers report opting to stop receiving notifications, due to too few notifications warranting an immediate action.

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