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Chris Gardner, Principal Analyst

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Organizations of all shapes and sizes are finding new ways to deploy automation technologies across the enterprise. And while scrappy pilots and one-off deployments can deliver quick results, there are risks in deploying these islands of automation.

In this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Chris Gardner describes how Forrester’s automation framework, a guide to design and selection criteria for different automation use cases, can help assess automation’s impact across the enterprise and plan a more holistic automation strategy.

The real risk of disparate (and sometimes duplicative) automation projects in a single organization is the missed opportunities. Gardner examines the advantages of using automation “strike teams” (specialized deployment teams with automation experience) to apply best practices and past learnings to new automation workflows and deployments.

“Just because you deploy an automation technology doesn’t mean you have a structure behind it to govern and perform compliance against it,” Gardner emphasizes, adding that that’s where the automation framework delivers value.