Enza Iannopollo, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

For business leaders, two significant impacts of the pandemic have been accelerated digital transformation and a greater recognition of systemic risk. Digital trust is where those two trends intersect — or collide. In this episode, Principal Analyst Enza Iannopollo dives deep into three of our 2022 digital trust predictions.

The episode starts with Iannopollo making a compelling point: The digital trends that exploded during the pandemic are not going away, so companies must have a plan to mitigate the trust-related risks that come with those technologies. Consumers and businesses love the convenience offered by technologies such as AI and facial recognition, but there’s also fear of those technologies being misused. This “dual relationship” that technology has with trust sets the stage for our digital trust predictions for 2022.

From there, the conversation dives into the prediction that investment in privacy-protecting technology will double in 2022. Iannopollo provides specific examples and use cases for these technologies as well as the regulatory and compliance issues behind this bold prediction.

The next prediction discussed states that five large companies will introduce bias bounties in 2022. Iannopollo describes exactly what bias bounties are and which industries are most at risk for bias because of the sensitive nature of their data.

The third prediction says that 15 firms in the Global 500 will appoint a chief trust officer in the year ahead. This prediction is based on the advantages seen by those that have a C-level role dedicated to trust instead of sharing it across various functions. “When everyone is responsible, no one is responsible,” says Iannopollo. “You need to treat it as a key strategic initiative with metrics and accountability.”

The episode wraps up with Iannopollo emphasizing that the relationship between technology and trust is not a matter of destiny and that there are specific levers and actions leaders can take to ensure that they maintain trust among their customers.