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Each week, the What It Means podcast invites Forrester analysts to discuss the latest trends and challenges to help business and technology leaders make bold decisions and become truly customer-obsessed. Topics range from tech-driven innovation and CX design to B2B buying trends and marketing planning. Listen now and subscribe to get a new episode each week. Got a comment or question? Email our team at podcast@forrester.com.

Latest Episodes


Tech Trends To Watch In 2024

What It Means February 1, 2024
How will generative AI impact infrastructure plans? What regulatory issues will tech leaders have to grapple with? Hear Forrester’s technology analysts discuss their predictions for the latest tech trends in 2024.

How Chip Shortages Could Impact Your AI Plans

What It Means January 25, 2024
Nothing can slow the AI revolution — except perhaps a shortage of the chips AI relies on. In this episode, VP and Research Director Glenn O'Donnell discusses how ongoing chip shortages could impact your AI plans.

COP28 Review

What It Means January 18, 2024
The annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, wrapped up last month to mixed reviews. In this episode, Senior Analyst Abhijit Sunil discusses what he saw at the event and some of the key takeaways for business and technology leaders.

The Future Of Search In A GenAI World

What It Means January 11, 2024
Generative AI is poised to upend every aspect of search marketing. In this episode of What It Means, Senior Analyst Nikhil Lai explains the rapid changes that search marketers need to prepare for now.

How To Use AI To Uplevel Revenue Enablement 

What It Means January 4, 2024
Many revenue enablement leaders are simultaneously intimidated and intrigued by AI, particularly generative AI (genAI). The sooner they embrace it, the sooner they can help make sellers and other customer-facing roles more effective. Vice President and Principal Analyst Peter Ostrow shares advice for getting started with AI this week on What It Means. 

Predictions 2024: For B2B Teams, GenAI Will Yield Mixed Results

What It Means December 21, 2023
Generative AI will make B2B sales, marketing, and product teams more prolific in 2024 — but not always in ways that are desirable. VP and Principal Analyst Laura Ramos and Principal Analyst David Parry discuss this and other 2024 predictions for B2B teams on this week’s episode of What It Means. 

Generative AI Will Reshape Far More Jobs Than It Eliminates

What It Means December 14, 2023
Is generative AI coming for your job? Find out as VP and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder and Principal Analyst Michael O'Grady discuss a new forecast on the impact of generative AI on jobs in the US.

Autonomous Vehicles: Are We There Yet?

What It Means December 7, 2023
Is it finally time for self-driving cars and trucks to achieve their long-held promise? Find out as Vice President and Research Director Pascal Matzke joins the podcast to discuss the current state and future outlook for autonomous vehicles.

Predictions 2024: Where Will AI Go Next?

What It Means November 30, 2023
Where will AI go next? That’s the biggest question of 2024. In this special episode, nine Forrester analysts discuss what’s behind our 2024 predictions for AI and what the implications will be. 

Predictions 2024: How Tech Leaders Will Tackle Growth, Talent, And AI

What It Means November 16, 2023
What’s in store for tech leaders in the year ahead? Find out as Vice Presidents and Senior Research Directors Matthew Guarini and Fred Giron discuss Forrester’s 2024 predictions for technology leaders.

Product Experts Gain New Clout Among B2B Buyers

What It Means November 9, 2023
As B2B buyers contend with tighter budgets, they’re looking to an unexpected source to help them make the right purchase decisions: product experts from vendor companies. Vice President and Research Director Amy Hayes discusses this and other findings from Forrester’s new State Of Business Buying report this week on What It Means.

Predictions 2024: CX Leaders Embrace GenAI

What It Means November 2, 2023
Customer experience (CX) leaders are positioned to win big with generative AI (genAI) in 2024. But there’s a caveat: They must identify and augment the right drivers of CX performance. Learn more about CX in 2024 in this episode featuring VP and Research Director Martin Gill and Principal Analyst Judy Weader. 

Are You Ready For BYOAI?

What It Means October 26, 2023
Is the push to encourage AI across the enterprise introducing more risk? Principal Analyst Andrew Hewitt discusses the pros and cons of bring-your-own-AI (BYOAI) in this episode.

The Rise Of Revenue Operations

What It Means October 19, 2023
Despite economic pressure, B2B sales and marketing leaders are prioritizing investment in revenue operations. In this episode, Vice President and Principal Analyst Laura Cross and Principal Analyst Anthony McPartlin discuss what’s behind the rise of revenue operations in B2B organizations.

Zero Trust Past, Present, And Future

What It Means October 12, 2023
Zero Trust has evolved since its earliest iterations, but it’s never been more vital than it is today. In this episode, Principal Analyst David Holmes discusses the origins of Zero Trust and its future impact on driving business value.

The Future Of Cloud

What It Means October 5, 2023
Recent, major shifts in the cloud space are prompting some technology leaders to review their cloud strategies. In this episode, Principal Analyst Lee Sustar provides his perspective on the future of cloud and how it may impact your technology roadmap.

Managing The Privacy Risks Of Generative AI

What It Means September 28, 2023
Nervous about the privacy implications of your latest generative AI pilots? In this episode, Principal Analyst Enza Iannopollo shares some insights and mistakes to avoid.

How Will Generative AI Change B2B Marketing?

What It Means September 21, 2023
For all the FOMO that generative AI has inspired among B2B marketers, many aren’t sure where to start with it. Principal Analyst Lisa Gately shares her insights this week on What It Means.

Responsible Design

What It Means September 14, 2023
Delighted customers or PR nightmare? The difference can boil down to responsible design. Before your company ends up in an IRL episode of “Black Mirror,” listen to this podcast about responsible design featuring Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar.

Healing The Breach Between Tech And Security Leaders

What It Means September 7, 2023
The long-standing divide between tech executives and security leaders has widened of late, says VP and Principal Analyst Jinan Budge. What’s behind the tension, and what can be done to fix it? Budge shares insights from her latest research this week on What It Means.