Everyone is asking me why I don’t post to the blog more often. Sigh! Five key reasons:

#5: I couldn’t figure out how to use TypePad

#4: All this time I thought that “blog” was a mathematical function

#3: I am a wee bit of a skeptic (there, I said it!)

#2: I am sooooo busy – a beleaguered working mom (two beautiful girls – 7 and 4)             

And the #1 reason — drum roll — no one was paying me to do it!

I’m a mercenary, what can I say… For the next month I’ll be moderating a blog — The Marketers’ Consortium — sponsored by Unica. Each month a new moderator will lead discussion around the key challenges and opportunities that senior marketers face today. I’m the first moderator, but I will be followed by marketing notables including Don Peppers, Pat LaPointe, and Elizabeth Roche.


I am really excited about this! In a world filled with stodgy enterprise software vendors, I think it’s a pretty gutsy move and investment on Unica’s part and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. My content focus over the next month will be all about how marketers are using technology to establish more relevant, interactive customer dialogs and to improve marketing effectiveness. So, please come check it out, join the discussion, and help make me a believer in the power of the community!

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