I never caught the Twitter bug. I admit it. I'm square.

Oh sure, I tried it out. But I discovered that my usual response to twitter's perenial question "What are Advertising_on_your_feedyou doing?" was "What's it to you?" On the rare occasions when I am seized by an urge to update my twitter feed, I invariably write that I'm "updating twitter"… Forgive me.

Every now and then, I get a request from someone who wants to subscribe to my Twitter feed. Goodness knows what value they might derive from my feed. One of these days one of my subscribers will ask for his time back….  (Hint: You're never getting it back).

Still, there's no denying that some people are devoted to Twitter. And if Japanese mobile phone users can be persuaded to join in, then you'll be seeing 24hour Twitter updates from every street corner.

Today Japan's Digital Garage launched the Japanese language version of Twitter. (It must have been fairly easy to localize). But there's one twist — They've created space on the twitter interface for advertising. That's right… As you inflict your stream of consciousness onto an unsuspecting world… the world will generate a stream of advertising revenue from it. I wonder how Twitter users around the world will feel if this is launched into their markets. As I recall, Social services like Facebook often suffer massive backlash from their communities if the owners are too heavy handed in trying to monetize the service.

Once again, Akky Akimoto was quick to report this news.

(*But actually, my colleague pointed it out to me first).

And now you're five minutes older than you were when you started reading this post. Time to update your Twitterfeed…