Natalie L. Petouhoff, Ph.D. By Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

How about a Forrester Forum in Las Vegas in May. Come on… you need a break! You’ve been working really hard– it’s only May and it seems like it is September… When will this year be over????

If you are feeling like that, its time to come to the IT Forum 2009  and get rejuvenated by hanging out with some of the best IT and business minds in the world. Ok- I’m a geek, I admit it… but the people you meet are incredible. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing better than breaking bread with really smart people who “get” it. And I’m not talking only about my fellow colleagues at Forrester. The people who are attracted to Forrester conferences are smart, open and interested in soaking up the latest information. And sharing what they’ve learned with others. It’s a collective consciousness of changing business, one conversation at a time.

So what will I be presenting on? I’ll be cohosting a session with Chip Gliedman on Architecting IT for Customer Service Excellence. What does that mean? We know that budgets are tight and people want to walk away with real, implementable change. So our session will focus on how to reduce operational costs and enhance revenue.

And one of the topics in that session will be customer service social media. We just finished an ROI model for online customer service communities. All I can tell you is… the R.O.I. is B.I.G.

And we’ll also be using the Customer Service Innovation Framework as the construct to evaluate your “current state” (its an online survey all the stakeholders on your team can take.) so you can compare it to best practices. The survey output is designed to gain organizational alignment and prove to management that change is necessary. 

I’ll also be speaking on How to Risk Proof Your CRM Project. Key to a downturn market is building the right business case to make sure your project is funded. Next most important thing? Make sure your investment doesn’t end up like the sad CRM failure statistics. This talk is based on research conducted by Bill Band, How to Risk Proof Your CRM Technology Platform.

So Here’s the scoop. You’ve got to come. I want to meet you. You’ve got to get away from the day-in and day-out grind. Come and get rejuvenated. Fall in love with technology again. Meet great people, have some great meals, maybe in take in a show… go back, refreshed and ready to tackle your challenges with a fresh, new outlook, really great contacts to call when you get stuck and tons of great executable ideas.

Forrester’s IT Forum 2009  — May 19-22 in Las Vegas — Let me know on twitter if you are attending — @drnatalie and And follow the event via twitter — @forrester