Adele-Sage [Posted by Adele Sage]

We’re updating our Web Site Review methodology, and we want your help.

We have a set of 25 heuristics that we think are pretty good. But we’re looking for feedback from you folks, specifically:

  • Ideas for new, better heuristics that could replace some of the existing ones.
  • Research that would either shed new light on or disprove the existing heuristics.
  • Examples of business results that would support or disprove the existing heuristics.

Here are the criteria (for detailed background on each one, check out the Reviewer’s Guide):


1. Does the landing page(s) provide evidence that user goals can be completed?

2. Is essential content available where needed?

3. Is essential function available where needed?

4. Are essential content and function given priority in the display?


5. Are category and subcategory names clear and mutually exclusive?

6. Do menu categories immediately expose or describe their subcategories?

7. Are items classified logically?

8. Is the task flow efficient?

9. Is the wording in hyperlinks and controls clear and informative?

10. Are keyword-based searches comprehensive and precise?


11. Does the site use language that’s easy to understand?

12. Does the site use graphics, icons, and symbols that are easy to understand?

13. Is text legible?

14. Does text formatting and layout support easy scanning?

15. Do layouts use space effectively?

16. Are form fields and interactive elements placed logically in the display?

17. Are interactive elements easily recognizable?

18. Do interactive elements behave as expected?

19. Does the site accommodate the user’s range of hand-eye coordination?


20. Does the site present privacy and security policies in context?

21. Do location cues orient the user?

22. Does site functionality provide clear feedback in response to user actions?

23. Is contextual help available at key points?

24. Does the site help users avoid and recover from errors?

25. Does the site perform well?

Any suggestions? Post a comment here to get the discussion going, or send me an email at asage at