By Ian Fogg (bio, recent research or follow me on twitter)


Vodafone has just launched a major new initiative called Vodafone 360 (release, with the new website to follow). Key points:

  • Integration with social networks for an online address book and content sharing.
  • Combination mobile handset + cloud service strategy.
  • Single sign-on for customers or non-Vodafone customers. website available to both.
  • Deep handset integration: two new Linux LIMO handsets with "full fat" experience (made by Samsung). Lesser version pre-loaded onto a number of Symbian Series 60 handsets, downloads and other versions available for around 100 handsets.
  • Also includes an App store, new mobile web portal, music service, and maps service.

I'm working on a quicktake report. But this is such a major initiative with wide ranging scope, that I'm extremely curious in what others think? Specifically:

  • How well positioned are operators to implement a social strategy with such deep handset integration, compared with handset makers, or the Internet social networks themselves?
  • Was Nokia's OVI initiative a lightning rod that distracted many from other handset maker initiatives in this space? (Like Motorola's Motoblur, HTC Sense, Google & Android, Microsoft Myphone, or Apple's MobileMe?)
  • Is 360 a better umbrella name than "Vodafone Live!" ?
  • Thoughts on how well 360 fits with Vodafone's new corporate tag line, "Power to you" ?

Comment below! I'm here and will reply as appropriate.